The Birchbark House

Faith, Chloe W. & Noemi

Noemi - Word Wizard

Word: tikinagun- Page 34

Context clues: I think that this is a crib.

Dictionary definition: This is the Ojibwan word for cradleboard. It was built with wood and covered with an envelope made of leather. Mothers used these to carry their children.

Faith - Predictions & Inferences

I predict that Omakayas will get the scissors from the Old Tallow.

I predict the Old Tallow will possibly ask her to help him do something and forget the scissors.

I infer that Moningwanaykaning means morning and wake up or get up in time to work.

Chloe W. - Sensory Imaging

On pages 19-32, Omakayas went walking on the trail because she felt a little bit isolated, and she found some wild berries that she ate but, then she came upon some bear cubs and she shared the berries with them.

The characters can

hear: the yellow dog crying

see: ferocious animals; the Old Tallow's cabin

smell: sweet kinnikinnick

touch: the bear cub eat from her hand

taste: delicious maple sugar