RES Staff Update

May 14-18, 2018

Link to May Rocket Register

Please be sure you have read through all of this important information.

This Will Make Your Heart Smile!


Please be sure to review all of the information BEFORE STAAR begins on Monday. Thank you to everyone for your support and flexibility to ensure that our students have the best testing environment possible.

Calendar Updates

Friday, May 18- Electronics Day (Free 30-minutes of electronics for students contributing to the Robison Alumni Scholarship fund.)

Monday, May 21-Meetings at planning to group classes for next year.

Wednesday, May 23- Yearbooks distributed

Thursday, May 24- Calendar Committee Meeting (4:15-6:15 pm) Course #18240. Team leaders and others who schedule events will attend. Please register if you are attending.

Friday, May 25- Mentor/Mentee Celebration @ 8:00 am (Rescheduled due to calendar meeting)

Tuesday, May 29-Cy-Woods Senior Walk at Robison (approximately 10:00 am). More information in the end-of-year checklist.

Wednesday, May 30- Yearbook signing. Kinder and 1st will sign in their classrooms. 2nd-5th will sign at an agreed upon time with their entire grade level. Check with other teams to make sure there is not an overlap with recess or other grade levels. Students should go outside to sign yearbooks due to the noise level.

Planning for 2018-2019

The administrative team will be meeting on Friday to finalize some of our plans for next year. We are aiming to finalize the master schedule, special pops assignments, our theme/hashtag for next year, committees, and more. If you have suggestions for our theme/hashtag, please submit your idea to Kelly by Thursday.

End of Year Checklist

You will have a paper copy of the end-of-year checklist in your box; however, here is an electronic copy to look over. Please read this information thoroughly. Some checkout procedures have changed, and we are counting on you to be on time with the check-in dates.

You will receive brown envelopes for communication (copies of office referrals, notes from parents, communication cards, etc.) and grades (AP's will give back copies of grades) at a date closer to the end of the school year.

Please take time to review the Google slide presentations explaining the procedures for technology check-in. These will be sent to you via email from Christi Moran. There will be an additional attachment for technology checkout with the paper copy in your box. We'll also review all of this at our staff meeting on May 22.

End of Year Parties

Please read the information in the Rocket Register about end-of-year parties. RSVP forms will go home soon so that parents may pre-register for this event. There are actually 2 separate events that take place on this day: a classroom awards ceremony (PK-4th) where all parents are invited, and a party during large group (volunteers only). The large group party will take place before your classroom awards, so parents will not have to worry about their children missing this if they want to sign them out after the awards. Classroom parties have been reduced to 30 minutes. You might want to have the students eat their snack first in case a few parents get caught up in the check-in process. Typically, awards have not taken the full 45 minutes that we allowed previously.

Please, please, please read this information thoroughly. We count on you to help in the process of a smooth party day. Thank you!

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E-Track (Round 2)

Timeline for E-Track

May 23: E-track class #3

May 24: E-track class #4

Thank You!

Thank you, Kim Lieberman, for taking time to recognize your colleagues. Kim had this to say, "A HUGE thank you to the 3rd-grade teachers that had students write kind notes to give to their former teachers for teacher appreciation. This was a very small act that meant a TON!"

Thank you to Sally Hall and Carrie McCollister for taking time on Saturday to help with the Daddy Daughter Dance! It was a bigger event than I could have imagined with 527 guests attending!! It was a lot of work, but it was even greater fun!

Thank you for the gift card contributions for the volunteer luncheon! The volunteers felt appreciated and seemed excited to have this special treat!

CTE for 2018-2019

According to your votes for CTE, there was overwhelming support of having a CTE Day (82 voted yes, 3 voted no).


CTE for next year will be a book study. You will receive 4 hours for reading and 3 hours for the reflection component which will consist of questions posted in Google Classroom. The book you will read will depend on your assignment. For those participating in blended learning classrooms, your book will be focused on this topic. If you are not participating in blended learning, you will be reading Kids Deserve It. We will all be treated to hearing Adam Welcome, one of the authors of Kids Deserve It when we return in August. Although the book should be read by the time you return, you will have opportunities to respond to the reflection questions after you return. I will have limited copies of the books. You will have the option of checking out a book for a limited amount of time or ordering your own copy. If you borrow a book, you will not be able to write in it.

The second-grade team will participate in the blended learning book study. If you teach another grade level, and you plan to implement blended learning, please let me know. Otherwise, I will assume everyone else will be reading Kids Deserve It (KDI). There are used copies of KDI on Amazon for $12, and the Kindle version is about $10. Each team leader was given a copy and I will order a few more copies. I will meet with the second-grade teachers to decide which book will be read--there are several great choices.

These will be easy, but enjoyable reads for everyone! The reflection questions will give everyone a chance to interact and share their learning. The best part of this is that you can do this from home, and we do not have to find a date when everyone can attend.


CTE will be your 3 hours of the CFISD Compliance Training completed off contract, and participating in 4 additional hours for back-to-school events, such as Meet the Teacher (2 events--kindergarten and 1st-5th).

Supporting Our Students on the Bus

Courtney recently sent out a link to a sign-up genius for teachers to ride the bus in the afternoon with the students. We've done this in the past, and the students AND bus drivers love this. This is a great way for us to connect with our students while recognizing them for BLAST behavior on the bus. Our discipline data supports the need for doing this, so please consider signing up for a day or two on the link below. Thank you!!

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Professional Development Opportunities

Are you interested in growing your knowledge in the area of technology and teaching strategies? This summer, our cluster is looking to hold an EduConference at one of our campuses to provide you the opportunity to collaborate with fellow teachers. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge on a technology-related topic, please let me know.

Some of you are familiar with Seesaw, the app that teachers can use to digitally store student work. Here is a link to the app if you are not familiar:

If you haven't considered being a Seesaw ambassador, check this out:

Being an ambassador allows you to use the premium features for free and affords you the opportunity to collaborate with other ambassadors.

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Stay Informed

Be sure to regularly check the RES Hub (in Google classroom) for updates such as minutes from meetings. I will also try to send out "announcements" to let you know when these have been posted.

Here is the link to the hub:


The master calendar is attached below for your convenience.