Online Safety

Personal Information

Do not give personal information. Like share your last name where you live, the place you go to school, and phone number. Even if they ask you about your information doesn't mean you should give it to them and think nothing will happen. Also remember ask your parents to give information about some websites they accept.

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Sceen Name/ Password

When making screen name don't include your last name or birth date, cause they might track you down. Don't share any passwords except for your parents, also when using public computers, log out of all the accounts you were on. Before leaving the building.


When having online friends remember they tell you what they have on their profile. This makes it easier for people to hide their true identity. Some of this are mostly with adults to trick kids. They could also use their personal info against you to get you in trouble. without anything happening to them

Be Nice

It's up to you to make the internet a better place for everybody. Like their feelings and their beliefs. If we do this we will will be safe from harm and people will do the same. Besides you can get kicked off of websites and other accounts, like phone,e-mail networks