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News for Multilingual Learner (ML) Families at Lake Bluff

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Hello, multilingual Lake Bluff families!

Look here for Lake Bluff classroom news, notes for international families, information about school events, and helpful information about multilingualism and education.

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I hope everyone enjoyed the sunny weather this past weekend. I am looking forward to warmer days ahead! Above is a beautiful photo of Lake Bluff taken by MAC 3 Oak teacher Amy Miller just a few weeks ago.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Conigliaro

Multilingual Learner (ML) Teacher

Lora Caton

Multilingual Learner (ML) Aide

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are on Thursday, March 12, and Friday, March 13. For most classes, these conferences are led by the students. Please see your child's teacher as soon as possible if you do not have a conference scheduled. Also, please let your child's teacher or Ms. Conigliaro know if you would like an interpreter at the conference.

English language development takes time. Developing English language skills is necessary for students to achieve in the classroom. It is important to know how your child’s English language skills are developing and how those skills are being supported in the classroom. It is also helpful to know how to support your child’s English language development at home.

The following are some ideas for questions you might ask teachers during parent-teacher conferences.

Questions Parents Can Ask Teachers:

  • Is my child making progress in their English language development?

  • What do you do to ensure my child understands you and the work they need to do?

  • Are all of my child’s teachers aware of their language needs?

  • What can I do to support my child’s English language development?

  • Who are my child’s friends? Do my child play with other students? What do they enjoy doing at school?

  • What can I do to support my child with their relationships with other students?

Questions Parents Can Ask the ML Teacher:

  • When was my child screened for English language support?

  • Which assessment was used to screen my child?

  • What were my child’s scores?

  • What type of language program or service do you recommend for my child?

  • What does my child need to do to exit the program?

Information for Parents Regarding Student-Led Conferences:

  • If your child has a student-led conference, they have prepared for this conference in the classroom with the classroom teacher’s guidance.

  • You may still ask the teacher any questions you have or talk about other concerns.

Important: If an interpreter is not at the conference and you would like one, please ask! Interpreters for almost all languages can be available in minutes through video conferencing. You have a right to an interpreter for all school communication.

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How do I know if my child is too sick to go to school? What if my child needs medicine?

Is your child too sick to attend school? Here is when to keep your child home from school:

  1. A fever greater than 100° F within the last 24 hours
  2. Serious cold symptoms, i.e. persistent coughing, sneezing, severe nasal congestion
  3. Muscle or body aches
  4. Sore throat that interferes with swallowing or with a fever or rash
  5. Cough with wheezing or moderate to severe chest pain
  6. Headache severe enough to interfere with learning
  7. Diarrhea or vomiting within the past 24 hours
  8. Open sores with drainage or undiagnosed rash
  9. Untreated head lice (call the health office with questions)
  10. “Pinkeye” (recommended that students 8 years and younger stay home)
  11. Menstrual cramps accompanied by vomiting or fever

Any medicine your child takes, including cough lozenges, must be given to the school health office.

More information can be found here, on the Shorewood School District Health Office Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Reminder: No School on Friday, February 28th

Teachers are working on student progress reports on this day.

Multilingual Learners (ML): A New Name!

The Shorewood School District English Language Learner (ELL) Department has a new name! ELL is now ML: Multilingual Learners. This change reflects the fact that our students are in the process of learning and growing in two (or even more!) languages.

Fun Fridays in February!

Lake Bluff School likes to have some fun during the month of February! Our students have voted on some special themes for our Fridays (and one Thursday) in February. All students and staff are invited to participate for some or all of the dates. Please ask your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Friday, February 7, is Nap Time Day: Take a short rest at an assigned time during the school day!

Friday, February 14, is Pajama Day: Wear your favorite pajamas to school! (This is also Valentines Day!)

Friday, February 21, is Flashlight Day: Students bring in a flashlight to use to read during an assigned time of the school day!

Thursday, February 27, is Teacher Swap Day: A different teacher comes in to teach their class during the school day!

ML Homework Assist: New Policies

Students who receive Multilingual Learner (ML) support in grades 2-6 are welcome to take part in our after school ML Homework Assist Program. The program takes place Mondays through Thursdays for one hour after school. The program is free. Please contact Ms. Conigliaro or your child's teacher if you would like your child to join.

ML Homework Assist has two new policies.

  1. If you are more than five minutes late signing out your child three times in one trimester, your child may not attend Homework Assist for the rest of the trimester.
  2. There are new pickup times. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, pickup is at 4:25. On Wednesdays, pickup is at 3:25.

International Mother Language Day

February 21st was International Mother Language Day! Learn more by clicking here.
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