Room 205 News

Come learn about what we are exploring in our classroom.

Classroom Updates and Learning

As always, our room is a buzz with learning. Here's a list of some of the explorations going on in our room:

  • Exploring plants and seeds...we are growing seeds in baggies on the window sills and will be planting more seeds next week.
  • Learning about insects...we have five caterpillars in our room and we can't wait to see what kind of butterflies they become.
  • Exploring math...we are working on groups of five, oral adding and subtracting, making predications with guessing years, numeral writing, teen numeral recognition, and exploring the number six.
  • Observing nature...we discovered three turtles at our pond, a few frogs, insects, and lots of birds. We are using our senses to explore how the outside world is changing as the weather gets warmer.
  • Thinking about ways to be a good friend and helper in our classroom.
  • Doing our personal best and getting ready to move on to our new school by trying to complete activities like packing ourselves up, dressing our selves, and asking for help when needed.
Thank you for sharing these wonderful children with us. We are enjoying their personalities and perspectives on the world. It makes coming to work each day an enjoyable and enriching experience for us. Also, to the mothers out there, I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day. The children are very excited to share their presents with you all.


Upcoming Events

  • May 25: No School for Young Fives. This is our orientation date for next year's students to visit.
  • May 27: No School
  • May 30: No School for Memorial Day

Room 205 Kindercubs

  • Sandi Larkins, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Lisa Smith, Instructional Aide
  • Donna Bassett, Instructional Aide

Donations Needed

  • Napkins for lunch and snack
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Black thin tip sharpie markers