Section 9

Toys and Sports

When colonists had work they asked neighbors to help them so they could have leisure time. Colonial children had few simple toys such as dolls, marbles, and tops. They played tag, blindman's bluff, and stoolball.

Bees and Frolics

Colonists combined work and play by organizing "bees and frolics." New settlers might hold a “chopping bee” in which all the neighbors helped clear the trees off their land. Other frolics included corn-husking bees for men and quilting bees for women. Sharing the work made it faster and more fun.

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Adults Play Games

Adults enjoyed several sports. Almost every village had a bowling green. Here, men rolled egg-shaped balls down a lane of grass toward a white ball called a jack. Colonists also played a game similar to backgammon called tick-tack and a form of billiards (pool) called trock.