the greatest emporer to ever live

Constantine's great victory

In 324 Constantine came out victorious and became the sole ruler of the Byzantine Empire. He had fight many rivals to finally gain control of the entire empire. With that he also moved the capital of the city eastward to the site of Byzantium, an old Greek city. Constantine named this city Constantinople after himself


When Constantine converted from pagan to Christianity he made Constantinople a Christian city and supported the growth of the Church.
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Constantine made sure that Constantinople was the ideal location for trade. Constantinople is at the southern end of a strait that links the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, direct waterways to southeast Europe and Southwest Asia, as well as north Africa. The city's good harbors had ships of people coming from Russia to Egypt. Caravan tracks and paved Roman roads made it even easier to reach and trade with Europe and Asia.


Because this city was built on a peninsula, it made it tremendously easier defend. The city also was surrounded by a moat as well as thick walls protected the city from land attacks. As to defend the eastern frontiers of the empire, troops from Constantinople can easily and quickly travel there.

Constantine's contribution

With his wealth, Constantine built palaces, governmental buildings, marketplaces, and even a chariot racing stadium called the Hippodrome. With all of these generous gifts from the emperor, constantinople is as incredible if not better than Rome.