Ag Jobs VS. City Jobs

Is one better than the other?

Which job is more practical to be more successful?

As city jobs are higher paying, homing costs and transportation fees may cost more. Agricultural jobs let the farmer (etc) provide for himself, in the city you have to buy everything to support yourself. In rural areas, you buy the supplies to grow or make something to support yourself. It greatly depends on the abilities of the person, good people and driving skills, you can easily live in the city. A poor driving in traffic, with poor people skills, a rural area is better for you. Although in rural areas it is very easy to become to know everyone around you, where as in a city is impossible to know every person. Although city jobs can be more stressful with driving to work and all of the people around you, in rural areas if you're stressed you can go for a relaxing drive and look at the calming scenery, or go for a walk. Inner city jobs may require more schooling and schooling debts may be more. Agriculture is more of a learn as you live kind of situation and schooling might not take as long or be as difficult. In a rural areas it is easier to obtain animals and are for them. That is why farms are common in rural areas. Many rural farms money depends the production of the animals and the the condition of the animals. In the city jobs are usually based on people skills and problem solving skills. A cities society is much different than rural societies, in a city more people are on their own and don't have families until later in life. Because it takes longer to get an education and to get on your own in life.