Julia Hurlock

Background information

The capital of Chile is Santiago

2 major cities in Chile are Vina del Mar the home of the beautiful beach's and Valparaiso the most important ports.

Some of its history: It was controlled by Spain. It then gained its independence in 1810~1827. It I no longer controlled by another country. In Chile they speak Spanish.

Geographical Information

Chile is located in South America. Some of its physical features are its mountains, Lofty Andean peaks some of them are volcanic, 2700 miles of coastline.

Political and Diplomacy information

They run a Democratic and Constitutional republic government.

Their leader is Michelle Bachelet.

Chile is on good terms with other countries.

Economic and trade information

Chiles currency is Chilean peso. They have a capitalism economic system. They import refined petroleum, crude petroleum, cars, delivery trucks, planes, helicopters, space crafts. They import their goods from Untied States 23%, China 18%, Brazil 6.4%, Argentina 5.8%, Germany 4.5%. They export refined copper, copper one, raw copper, sulfate chemical, wood pulp, wine. they extport their goods to China 23%, United States 12%, Japan 11%, South Korea 5.9%, Brazil 5.4%.

Tourist information

People should visit Chile for the unique landscape and the culture. You should go see the capital city because there is a lot of history, ad nature splendors.