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Antrim Elementary School February 2020

Kindness Week

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

Next week AES staff and students will be participating in another Kindness Week! Each day students will have the opportunity to do activities in their classroom that will focus on kindness to different people, places or things. We’ll be showing kindness to community members, peers, adults, and nature! Instead of earning eagles for demonstrating kindness next week, students will be earning paper links that they’ll connect to make a chain. At assembly on Friday, February 7th we’ll connect all of our chains and see how many acts of kindness we showed as a school. Students will also be coming home with a Kindness BINGO board to encourage doing kind acts toward friends and family. If your child completes their BINGO board and brings it back to school next week they’ll receive a special AES pencil.

Important February Dates

Feb 3 - Feb 7 - Kindness Week

Feb 3 - 12 - NWEA Winter Testing

Feb 4: Grade 2 workshop for families 3:30 - 4:30

Feb. 5 - 2nd Grade Field Trip

Feb 7 - All school assembly @ 8:50 - Kindness Week Celebration

Feb 11- PTO Friendshipgrams due

Feb 11 - No school - Professional Development

Feb 13 - Grade 4 workshop for families 5:30 - 6:30

Feb 18 - Kindergarten Registration: Must be pre-registered by calling 924-3336 X2032

Feb 18 - Kindergarten workshop for families 5:00 - 6:00pm

Feb. 20 - Grade 1 workshop for families 4pm - 5pm

Feb 21 - Art Day

Feb 22 - AES PTO Ice Fishing Extravaganza 9am - noon

Feb 24 - Feb 28: Winter Break

AES to Host March's Community Supper - Want to Volunteer?

Hello Everyone!

The AES learning community is hosting the March Antrim Community Supper. The learning community consists of students, staff, and families. If you are interested in helping out for this event, we will have a planning meeting on February 21st at 7:45am in the AES conference room. The actual event will be on March 19th. We are looking to volunteers to cook food, set up at the event, serve food, and clean up. If you want to help but can't make the meeting, please call Sarah Edwards in the office to sign up to volunteer. This will be our second year hosting, and it is a wonderful community-building tradition.

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The Many Faces of the Library Learning Commons

Throughout the incredibly quick month of January, students in the library have been learning and practicing how to utilize a library space. They have been taught how to use many of the different resources our library has to offer. They've learned to use our library homepage, "destiny" to practice coding, organize library books, and fine-tune their typing skills. Using Dash and Dot, our coding robots, has been an engaging activity with immediate feedback. February looks like it's going to be a transformation month in our library and learning commons as it will once again transform into a prime assessment location for our mid-year NWEA assessments.

Grade 2 Scientists

Do you know where you can find a sloth, a tiger, and a toucan? The rainforest! How about a roadrunner, a scorpion, or a bobcat? The desert! Second graders have been comparing and contrasting these two habitats in Science. We even got to have Ms. Jeannie come in and help us make amazing habitat shadow boxes.

Second graders have also been plugging away learning how to add and subtract numbers up to 1,000 using an "HTO" chart as a strategy. We've also been working hard learning new shapes and how many sides and angles each has.

It is super fun to have a plant in our classroom that grows so fast! We have an amaryllis bulb that has been shooting up as it sits in the beautiful sunshine in our classroom. So we've been measuring it every day and decided to make a bar graph to show the growth. It's up to 22 inches today!

A Note from Mrs. Gregg - School Counselor

In recent classroom counseling lessons in Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade and Third Grade, students have been learning about and practicing assertiveness: asking for what you need or want in a courageous/brave and respectful way. In all of the grades, K-4, students have been learning about words that hurt and words that help. Third and Fourth Grade students have experienced different mindfulness practices—such as mindfulness of sound, mindfulness of touch, and mindfulness of taste. Fourth graders also have learned about the importance of speaking up and have reviewed/learned about the growth mindset. Future lessons will continue some of these topics and will also include problem-solving.

FLU Information from Nurse Mellon


The flu is here! Influenza (flu) is a contagious respiratory illness caused by a virus which can cause mild to severe illness. According to the NH Department of Health & Human Services website, activity in the state is widespread which is the highest level but it is not to epidemic levels. The good news is, at AES is our numbers of respiratory illness and flu are currently low.

Signs & symptoms of flu usually start suddenly and may include:

· Fever or feeling feverish/chills – not everyone with the flu will have a fever

· Cough

· Sore throat

· Runny or stuffy nose

· Muscle or body aches

· Headaches

· Fatigue (very tired)

· Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in young children than in adults.

School attendance is very important and we want students to be in school every day! However, if your child has a fever, (temperature of 100.0 or higher) or doesn’t feel well please keep them home. Temperature should be normal without the use of fever-reducing medication for at least 24 hours before returning to school.

Please remember to notify AES of your child’s absence by telephone, email or Pick Up Patrol.

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First Graders Have Opinions Too!

The first graders are becoming very opinionated! They are learning how to write and support their opinions, and on Friday, January 24th they shared their opinions during our school assembly. Some students shared opinions about whether they would like to visit the moon, and some wrote letters to adults in the school, stating how they felt about various school traditions, procedures, and menu options! Students worked very hard on these pieces and used sentence starting prompts to support their writing. Next, we move onto our Animals in the Winter unit. Here is a photo of some students identifying tracks on our school nature trail.
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Busy in Grade 3

The rooms are abuzz in third grade! Students are hard at work comparing and contrasting the biographies of James Naismith and Gertrude Ederle, learning how prefixes change the meaning of words, and how to write informative paragraphs with examples. Phew, that’s just literacy! In math, students are finding the area of rectilinear figures, designing dream house floor plans to show what they know, and starting to solve double-digit by single-digit multiplication problems. In the upcoming weeks, students will choose a famous person’s biography to read and create a presentation about, as well as beginning to learn about fractions on a number line! We can’t wait to share some of this exciting work with you!
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Kindergarten is "Beary" Fun

In kindergarten, we have started our science unit on plant and animal needs. We have pretended to be different animals, finding food, building homes and hiding from predators. We also just finished our unit on measurement and comparing in math and are starting our unit on adding and subtracting. We have been learning how to use a number bond to break apart and put together numbers and tell math stories. In literacy, kindergarten has been working hard on blending and segmenting words. We have been doing a lot of writing too!

Here is a picture of two kindergarteners playing a game to help feed bears getting ready to hibernate!

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PE & Health News

In PE, students spent this month working on skills used in basketball. We practiced dribbling, passing, and shooting. In Health we finished learning about our body systems by studying the digestive system. Understanding how our digestive system works will help us as we move into our unit on nutrition.

Notes from the Front Office

As we start the second half of the school year, a few gentle reminders from the office:

  • If your child is going to be absent, please call the front office at 588-6371. If you receive the voicemai,l please leave a message stating why your child is absent (fever, cold, vomiting, etc.) If we don’t hear from you by 10am, your child will be marked as an unexcused absence and you will receive an automated call from our attendance system.

  • If your child is tardy, you need to sign them into the front office. Do not leave them at the outside door.

  • If your child’s dismissal plan is changed, please let us know by 2:30pm either by a telephone call or change in Pickup Patrol.

  • We kindly ask that you not park in the NO PARKING zone in front of the school. As this is a town road, we are expected to keep the lane clear for buses and emergency response vehicles.

Our utmost goal is to keep your child safe, and we greatly appreciate your help and support. Thank you!

From the Muzart Studio

In Muzart, we have been exploring color! Kindergarten artists created artwork mixing the primary colors to make secondary colors! In first grade, artists studied the color wheel and created ocean-themed artworks using complementary colors. The artists in second grade created several artworks using warm and cool colors. In third grade, we applied color families in a realistic drawing of a colorful lorikeet. Fourth-grade artists studied tints and shades.

We also spent the past few weeks learning about note value in Music classes. We have been using Music centers to better understand note value. Our centers have included, Playdough Note ValueTic Tac Toe, Color by Notes and an Instrument Rhythm Band.

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4th Grade Trackers

The fourth graders have been hard at work multiplying and dividing larger numbers using a variety of strategies, reading whole class novels, studying Greek and Latin roots, and creating claims and providing evidence in writing to name just a few things. Monday, January 27th kicked off a science unit led by Karen Rent from the Harris Center. The students are learning about how animals survive in and adapt to the winter weather. They are learning how to identify tracks and evidence left by animals in the woods behind AES. So far they were able to differentiate the tracks of a domestic dog and a domestic cat, a squirrel, and an opossum from the plentiful tracks by the Great Brook

School Board News

Tuesday February 4th is the Deliberative Session at 6pm in the Coval High School gym. We encourage you to attend.