"Come on down to our pool and dive on in"

Who wouldn't want a community pool?

Getting a pool could benefit us in many ways so why can we not get a pool? Imagine it is a hot summer day ad there is no pool and your going to be like I wish there was a pool. In a summer day you could be laying/swimming in the community pool. I asked the town council members to fund a community pool becasue it would provide jobs, give people something to do, and it would keep the hoodlums off the street.


Taylor Swift will be there so come on down and swim with her for the day and have fun.

Summer Fun

The pool can provide many things for our community The pool can provide jobs for people, keep hoodlums off the street, and give people something to do. I encourage the Town Council Members to approve to fun a pool fo r our community.


Produced by Tanner Walker, Everett Baker, and Dakota Ellis at West Holmes High School.