Multi Cultural Project

Jonah Lancaster


The punk lifestyle is a protest to the way people live their lives. The whole culture is based around being your own person, being your own boss, and doing what you want. You're against the the authorities who try to control you. Punk supports DIY (Do It Yourself) Ethics. Punk is against discrimination, and hates homophobes, racists, fascists, sexists, and all other forms of discrimination. Punk is all about fighting those who oppress you, such as politicians, police, and government. Most people think punks are nothing but jerks and conspiracy theorists, but that's just what the world wants you to think. Because if everyone had the morals of a punk, the system would crash, and they don't want that. They want to control you, so they out the image in your head that being your own person and doing things yourself is wrong. Punks are usually very good people, and all that protest and hatred towards the system is for the better of humanity.

The musical side to the punk culture follows the same morals. Punk music is all done with DIY ethics. Major labels and corporations are out of the picture. Punk music is about integrity. The lyrics are commonly about anti-/politics, anti-discrimination, and hatred for the system. The music is fast paced, loud, and angry.

Punk was born in the late 70's, by bands like the Ramones, Sex Pistols, and the Clash, out of spite for how the music industry was becoming too commercially friendly. Bands like Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, and Bad Brains, kept punk alive and inspired more bands to do the same. Punk began to die down into the underground in the late 80's, but was soon revived in the late 80's/Early 90's by bands like Rancid, Bad Religion, NoFX, Pennywise, etc. Punk is still alive, but it's been out of the mainstream for some years. Punk will never die because there's always going to be underground bands influenced by the DIY ethics, playing in small venues such as house parties or churches, recording albums in their garage with a crappy piece of recording equipment, etc.

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Text Analysis

In the song "Advice From Christmas Past" by 80's punk band Dead Kennedys, the lyrics are are a protest to the way people live their "normal" lives.

(Lyrics to Advice From Christmas Past)

Why are such a stupid a**hole?

Would you really like to know?

Well, pay your fee, remove your clothes, and Yvette will show you how

You went to school where you were taught to fear and to obey, be cheerful, fit in, or someone might think you're weird

Life can be perfect

People can be trusted

Someday, I wll fall in love; a nice quiet home of my very own

Free from all the pain

Happy and having fun all the time

It never happened, did it?

This song relates to the punk culture because the punk culture is based around rebellion. This song is a rebellion to everyday life, and a lot of punk songs have similar rebellious lyrics.

Dear Reader

I connect with this culture because I believe in many of its morals and ethics. My band practices DIY ethics, rebellious lyrics, and fast paced, angry music. I practice an anti-discrimination, anti-authority, anti-government lifestyle, and listen to many, many punk bands.

I didn't learn anything new while doing this project, because everything I wrote down I already knew, or drew from my experiences and thoughts.

By reading this text, it could give you a certain insight to life. It could make you realize something needs to change or inspires you to go do it.