The Tea Act of 1773

By: Ashlyn

Time for Tea?

The British loved their tea and since the colonists immigrated from Britain, well you can imagine that they liked it too. But many colonists did not buy their tea from Britain. Since the colonists did not buy their tea from Britain the British ended up losing a lot of money so the British Parliament passed the Tea Act of 1773. That meant that the colonists could only buy their tea from Britain.

The Boston Tea Party

Lets Party!

The new rule about their precious tea infuriated the colonists as you can imagine. All this was the cause of the Boston Tea Party. Not sure what the Boston Tea Party was? Well don't worry, I'll tell you. As you know the colonists were very angry about the new law so they decided to strike back on the British. Some men dressed as Native Americans climbed aboard a ship that was transporting tea to the Colonies and threw the tea overboard into the sea! Later the Tea Act was repealed.