The great Roosevelt

Emily S.

Franklin D.Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave people hope and courage during hard times .Many people think that he was the greatest president in our nation .Mr.Roosevelt was a diligent man even though he had a disability.Roosevelt was an amazing leader!

Early Life

Franklin D. Roosevelt did awesome things in his early life. He was born in Hyde Park, New York in 1882. Franklin lived in a wealthy family. He was the only child. His cousin Thedore Roosevelt was the govenor of New York and Vice President of the United States. Roosevelt went to bording school to help other people. He was a hard working younge man in his early life.

Personal Challenges

Roosevelt had a lot of difficult challenges .He got polio,after the age of 39.Roosevelt went to Warm Springs Georgia for a treatment for his disease . He could walk a few steps with crutches or by leaning on people but he could never walk on his own.He built a house there.Even though Roosevelt battled a awful disease ,he still was able to reach meany goals.


Roosevelt's hopeful way of talking kept the people of the United States going during hard times.In 1928 he ran for governor of New York.He started THE NEW DEAL PROGRAM that helped start state jobs.He promised to help the millions of people by hard times.He served for times as a president.Roosevelt did amazing things when he was a president.HE is a American hero!


Information from:American Heroes:Franklin Delano Roosevelt by:Nathan Asher Katzin