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For CMS Faculty & Staff - January 2016

Winter Reading Challenge

It's not too late to start working on the Winter Reading Challenge! The challenge is to read five (5) books (see attached form for details). When you turn in your completed form to the media center, you will receive a small prize AND be entered into a drawing for a gift card provided by our PTO! Forms are due to the media center on Friday, January 29th! You only have three more weeks, so keep reading!
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Free People Puzzler Book Giveaway!

Enter the drawing to win a free book of People crossword puzzles! One lucky winner will be drawn on Thursday, Jan. 21st!

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Let Our Makerspace Work for You!

We'd love to turn our makerspace into an extension of your classroom! Please feel free to share (anytime) what your students will be studying, and we'll try our best to find creative activities that tie in to your lessons. We have building materials (LEGOs, K'Nex, blocks, popsicle sticks, etc.), a Little Bits Circuits Set, Play-doh, markers, craft materials, and more! Students are also welcome to use the makerspace to complete projects for your class.
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Scholastic Book Fair is Coming Soon!

The book fair will be in the media center and open for business beginning Friday, Jan. 29, and ending Friday, Feb. 5. The hours will be 7:40-1:30 each day. This is an important fundraiser for the media center. We hope you'll come out and shop with us--and help us celebrate the last book fair to be held in this building!
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16 Books Becoming Movies in 2016

There are SO many young adult and children's books--along with some great adult books--coming to the big screen this year! Check them out here:
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National Geographic's Top 20 Photos of 2015

You and your students will be fascinated with these amazing photos! Many would make interesting story starters!

Commemorate the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Scholastic)

Explore the legacy of one of America's greatest icons, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with these teaching resources. You'll find biographies, memorable quotes, and plays detailing the struggle for civil rights, as well as printables and multimedia resources about Dr. King.

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Star Wars Snowflakes

Something fun for the serious snowflake-cutting enthusiasts! Individual snowflake patterns of the Star Wars characters may be downloaded and printed as PDF's.

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Polar Bears International

Polar Bears International offers a set of extensive lesson plans designed to help students learn about polar bears and their habitat. Bear Tracker is another feature of the Polar Bears International website. The Bear Tracker plots the travels of collared polar bears in Hudson Bay and the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska. You can view the travel paths of one or all of the bears on each map. The map also offers to play the travel paths recorded over time.

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Creative Writing Prompts That You Can Do in Ten Minutes

For a quick creative writing exercise, try one of these 21 writing prompts, excerpted from Chronicle Books’ 642 Tiny Things to Write About. Each prompt was created by a writing teacher at the San Francisco Writers Grotto to be done in 10 minutes or less.

The Lifespan of a Dollar Bill

Curious About George: What is the Lifespan of the Dollar Bill? is an interesting and informative infographic from The infographic provides flow charts of the production, distribution, and eventual removal from circulation of currency. Some statistics about the quantity of dollar bills produced every year is also included in the infographic.

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