Think Pink for Brittani

Come out and support Brittani and her family

$20 Cover includes Food, Drinks, Music, and Silent Auctions.

At 25 years old Brittani was first diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in April, 2012. She unfortunately had to undergo a double masectomy, and by the grace of god pulled through. The doctors declared her in remission!!! A sigh of relief followed. In January 2014 Brittani found out she was expecting a beautiful baby girl. Fear and excitement over came the family. She is already a mother of 3 boys, and the new baby was unexpected. At four and half months pregnant Brittani collapsed in her apartment. All alone and unable to move after two hours of screaming in pain she finally dragged herself to a phone to call 911. What happens next was devestating for Brittani and her family. Her remission was revoked. The doctors discovered the cancer returned. This time it was worse. She was then diagnosed with stage four terminal breast cancer. Scared and pregnant they immediatley started treatment to hold over the growth of the cancer on her spine in hopes of a full term pregnancy. Baby Journey Nicole McElfresh was born August 27, 2 014 healthy and strong. Brittani, however, grows weary. Her condition is worsening. She has fought this fight with grace and patience and continues to do so. Given the circumstance and the prognosis we have set in place this account to aid Brittani's Grandparents Joyce and Charles McElfresh in the unfortunate event that they would have to now take on the responsibility of taking care of not only Brittani's children but also care for their grandaughter while she continues her horrible battle of cancer. Brittani's only wish was to be home for christmas but then another tragedy struck when she was rushed to the hospital because her leg gave out again and they found new cancer growth. Brittani got her Christmas wish when her family came to the rescue and carried her out of the hospital against doctors advice just to make her wish come true. Brittani's three oldest sons ages 8,7,& 4, and her 4month old daughter were able to have their mommy home for Chrismas. The money that we are trying to raise is for Brittani to provide a family trip with her family and her kids. We are also raising money for Joyce and Charles to aid in future financial burdens that may arise and they could use assistance with.

Think Pink for Brittani

Saturday, Feb. 21st, 6pm

8405 Old US Highway 42

Florence, KY