By: Michelle Fischel

History of a Appaloosa

The Spanish introduced the horses to Mexico in the 1500's the the horses rapidly spread up to the Northwest around the 1700's. These horses were used in many wars and also used as work horses for farming and general labor.


weight usually ranges from 950 to 1250 pounds and the height ranges from 14 to 16 hands. One of the most striking patterns is the leopard coat. Leopard Appaloosas are the Dalmatians of the horse world. they have white coats covered with dark-colored spots from head to tail. Also the blanket and blanket with spot patterns are the ones people most commonly associate with Appaloosa horses. These patterns feature a white "blanket” that covers the horse’s hindquarters. Other interesting characteristics include its compact, striped hooves, and large eyes with surrounding white sclera.

Additional Information

The Appaloosa is independent, intelligent, and courageous. It can also be fierce -- making it an ideal war horse in the past. Currently, it is considered one of the best riding horses, especially for those who know how to handle horses.

A common health issue for Appaloosas is parasites, but proper grooming, sanitation, de-worming, and other preventative methods should take care of this problem.