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Team Aqua Bling March Newsletter

Let's do this!

Grab your favorite beverage and put your feet up for a few moments. There are so many exciting changes and new programs, it's like a fresh, new business for everyone. All of the details of the new Career Plan have been mapped out by the company on the incentives link at 02incentives.com. Now that so much has been added, it can be a bit tough to find. The easiest place I have found is in the back office under FAQ's tab. To access, select I have a Designer Question and type in any key words that relate. The item you are looking for will be there, the content is amazing and you can learn a lot by just digging around! I will chat more about the Career Plan in this newsletter too.
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Spring has sprung! The new Spring collection is here and the products are gorgeous!!

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The new and improved Origami Owl Career Plan! Let's chat about it.

Every Independent Designer is expected to generate a minimum of 99 PV each month to remain an Active Independent Designer for purposes of the Career Plan. If an Independent Designer fails to generate at least 99 PV in a given month, they will be given notice at the beginning of the following month that they are in danger of becoming an Inactive Independent Designer, and they have that month, plus the next month, to return to generating at least 99 PV per month (this is the rolling three-month period) in order to remain an Active Independent Designer.

After three consecutive months of not achieving 99 PV or greater per month, you will become an Inactive Independent Designer; this means a 15% Retail Sales Commission, the loss of your downline team, ranking down to Independent Designer, and no ability to sponsor new Independent Designers.

When an Independent Designer becomes Inactive, in order to become an Active Independent Designer again they must generate at least 99PV in a subsequent calendar month.

If you have zero PV for 12 months, you will be deactivated and will become a retail customer again.

What does 99 PV look like? Basically it is 2 locket sets. At the 99 PV level each month, you earn 20-40% commission on products. The national average is 25-30% so our our average of 30% is still higher than most DS companies.

To see all of the information in the back office, go to FAQ's, and search 99 PV or Career Plan.

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What is Storybuilder?

When Independent Designers generate 250 PV in a month, they will receive the 10% Storybuilder Retail Commission in their monthly commission check paid at the beginning of the subsequent month. Additionally, they will see a full 30-50% commission in the form of a reduced wholesale price during the subsequent month.

Qualify as a Storybuilder during either of the two months prior to the new Hostess Exclusive being available for purchase and you can get the HE for a reduced price!

The discount will remain at 30%-50% as long as Storybuilder is earned and maintained each month by generating 250 PV.

The purpose of the Storybuilder club is to recognize those Independent Designers who are holding on average, at least one Jewelry Bar generating 250 PV or more each month.

To see all of the information in the back office, go to FAQ's, and search 250 PV or Storybuilder.

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What is Owlchiever and why do I want to be one?

Become an Owlchiever when you earn 5 Owlchiever points in one month. Points come from PV, adding new team members and developing leaders. You earn 1 point for every 500 PV, earn 2 points from sponsoring new designers when your new designer activates with 500 PV in their first 90 days, or developing leaders which earns you 3 points for a new Team Leader on your team!

When you become an Owlchiever you will receive:

  • Recognition via email/online
  • Monthly Prizes/Contests
  • Qualify for O2 Annie/Leads – (other requirements apply)
  • Consistency Awards (based on total months in a calendar year)
    • 6 Months – Earn O2 Bundle FREE for one year ($99 value) [awarded when fee is due next]
    • 8 months Owlchiever or 80 Owlchiever Points -Caribbean Cruise for 1
    • 10 months Owlchiever or 100 Owlchiever Points – Caribbean Cruise for 2 (airfare not included) or Caribbean Cruise for 1 + $500 ($700 CAD) bonus that can be used towards airfare.
    • 11 months Owlchiever or 125 Owlchiever Points – Caribbean Cruise for 2 + $500 bonus that ($700 CAD) can be used towards airfare.
    • 12 months Owlchiever or 150 Owlchiever Points – Caribbean Cruise for 2 + $1000 ($1400 CAD) bonus that can be used towards airfare.

To see all of the information in the back office, go to FAQ's, and search Owlchiever.

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Team Leaders are the key to building your business!

If you look at the new Career Plan, you will see that promotions are now based on developing Team Leaders and maintaining the required PV at each level. This new and improved plan is more doable for everyone! When we sponsor new designers and train them to become Team Leaders and then they do the same with their team, we will begin to grow in an amazing way! This is much more doable than our old Career Plan and I'm excited to see where we grow!

Why become a Team Leader and how do I get there?

Origami Owl Team Leader Qualifications:

YOUR Personal Volume: minimum of 500PV
# of Personally Sponsored Active Designers: 3
Total Team Volume: minimum of 1500PV

Origami Owl Team Leader Perks:

30% - 50% Retail Sales Commission
Personal Sponsoring Bonus: 6%
Mentoring Bonus: Level 1 4% and Level 2 5%
Advancement Bonus
Advancement Maintenance Bonus
Advancement Jumpstart Bonus

The Team Leader Potential report in the back office allows you to identify Independent Designers on your team who are closest to achieving the rank of Team Leader.

To see all of the information in the back office, go to FAQ's, and search Team Leader.

New Designers get rewarded for starting strong!

In the past we had Soar To Success, our new plan is called Jumpstart to Owlchiever and involves lots of ca$h!!!

To earn Jumpstart to Owlchiever rewards, you need 5 Owlchiever points in a calendar month. Great news though, every point you earn during your Jumpstart period is doubled!

So, if you as a new designer generate 500 PV in a calendar month, you have earned 1 point + 1 BONUS Point = 2 points, plus that same month you sponsor 1 New Designer who launches with a 500 PV Jewelry Bar, you have now earned 2 points +2 Bonus Points = 4 points. Congratulations! You now have 6 Owlchiever points and have earned your first Owlchiever Rewards!!

A. $50 Jumpstart Product Credit Bonus the first time Owlchiever status is reached.

$100 Jumpstart Product Credit Bonus the second time Owlchiever status is reached.

$150 Jumpstart Product Credit Bonus the third time Owlchiever status is reached.

B. Double Team Leader Bonus if Team Leader rank is earned prior to the end of the Jumpstart to Owlchiever Bonus period.

C. Additionally, during the Jumpstart to Owlchiever Bonus period the new Independent Designer earns DOUBLE Owlchiever points (not to exceed 5 points in entire period)

The flyer below details the new Jumpstart plan!

The qualification period for this program will be your enrollment month plus three full calendar months. The program will end on the last day of the third calendar month after enrollment at 11:59 p.m. CST.

The cash earned can be used for Business Supplies or Jewelry at wholesale!!

To see all of the information in the back office, go to FAQ's, and search Jumpstart to Owlchiever.

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New Starter Kits!

There are three incredible options:

O2 Starter Kit – KT1033 | KT1033CA

  • $189 USD, over $700 Retail Value ($229 CAD, over $900 CAD Retail Value) + FREE 3-day shipping!
  • Includes: 85 Jewelry Pieces + Tools for Success

  • Signature Success Kit – KT1034 | KT1034CA

  • $399 USD, over $1,700 Retail Value ($499 CAD, over $2,400 CAD Retail Value) + FREE 3-day shipping!
  • Includes: O2 Starter Kit + 121 Additional Jewelry Pieces (206 total jewelry items) + 250 PV

  • Ultimate Jewelry Bar Launch Kit – KT1035 | KT1035CA

  • $999 USD, over $4,500 Retail Value ($1,199 CAD, over $6,200 CAD Retail Value) + FREE 3-day shipping
  • Includes: O2 Starter Kit + 413 Additional Jewelry Pieces (498 total jewelry items) + 500 PV

  • To see a detailed breakdown of the pieces that are included in each kit, go the the back office, select FAQ's and search Starter Kit.

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    How to get your business rolling again if things are slooooooow.....

    Like financial advisor Dave Ramsey says, "sell some stuff!" If you are sitting on inventory, retired or current, and you want to get business rolling again, and order the gorgeous new Spring product but maybe don't have the money, then it's time to sell some stuff! Use your customer VIP page to advertise a few specials and start moving inventory! Our Policy & Procedures don't allow us to advertise prices (discount or regular) right on our personal Facebook pages but you can definitely use your private groups or pages to do that. I know some Designers are having great success making up lockets and selling them at a bit of a discount and customers are loving it! Put some Spring lockets together with last years Spring charms and market those. Let your friends on Facebook know you have a special going on in your VIP page and get them added there.

    You've probably seen a lot of the earring specials posted on Facebook too and many are having great success with that! The choice is yours whether you advertise that or not. Just make sure you keep up with product availability on anything you offer.

    Have fun with it! Women love a sale! Make it exciting by promoting the limited products you have on special!

    Are you using those Vital Behaviors each day?

    There are 3 you should be doing every day.......

    Wear your Origami Owl jewelry, switch it up and wear it in a new way

    Invite 2 people a day to shop, host or join

    Spend 15 minutes a day on personal development

    Doing these 3 things daily will have a big impact on your business, especially when you track them!

    Are you a member of your Regional Sales Manager Facebook page? Each region of the country has an amazing and inspiring manager that will definitely get you pumped up! Be sure to join and actively participate in the group closest to you.

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    Bundle My Bundle!

    What is the new O2 Bundle? Do I need it?

    The O2 Bundle is a subscription that provides Designers with:

    • New, fresh Leads
    • Access to the Leads Bonus Pool (paid out quarterly)
    • Enhanced reporting
    • Exclusive access to future features.

    This is a great tool to take advantage of as a Designer!

    To subscribe: In the back office section My Account > Subscription Bundle, you can select the monthly or annual O2 Bundle subscription and manage your payment preferences for the O2 Bundle.

    If a Designer does not register for the O2 Bundle, they will continue to have access to their replicated websites and the Back Office options that they had prior to the launch of the new O2 Bundle.

    Do I have to subscribe? The O2 Bundle will be optional for Designers who wish to participate in the additional benefits provided through an active O2 Bundle Subscription!

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    How to stay in touch and up to date!

    Directors and above are hosting quarterly SOAR events all over the country to coincide with new product launches and convention news! In the months between, local leaders are hosting smaller and more intimate meetings that could be in home, a coffee shop or restaurant. Attending meetings is a great way to network with other designers close to you and learn from each other! Any leader who is Team Leader above can host their own meetings and The Nest gives us all of the tools to do that! Be sure to catch the monthly All Designer webinars, if you miss it live, listen or watch the replay, they are always informative!

    Your mentor is your go to person when you need help. The new and improved back office FAQ's has answers to everything! The marketing tools are all there, training videos, and everything else we need for our business. The new origamiowltools.com site is the place to order business cards, get cool logo apparel, jewelry bar display pieces and other fun things!

    Our Team Aqua Bling Facebook page is another great place to interact, get to know each other and get news. When you add a new team member, be sure to add them to that page.

    Convention is coming to Orlando in August and there is still time to sign up! Go to origamiowlevents.com to read up and register.

    To keep up with incentives and recognition from The Nest, be sure to go to o2incentives.com and subscribe by adding your email address so you don't miss any important news!

    If you are mentoring a designer and are no longer active, please talk to myself or Duskee so that we can get your designer/designers rolled up. All designers need to have their mentor available and actively supporting them.

    For those I personally sponsor, I will be reaching out for mentoring calls so we can chat about your business. If you joined Origami Owl solely for the discount and consider yourself a hobbyist, don't worry! You have a place here too and we definitely want to support you!

    2016 is our year!!! Let's make it happen!!

    Spring Storybuilder Perk!

    be a storybuilder in either March or April by generating 250 PV or more in either month, and the Summer Hostess Exclusive will be yours early at a discount!


    1. March 1, 2016 at 12 a.m. CST – March 31, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. CST 2. April 1, 2016 at 12 a.m. CST – April 30, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. CST