Helen of Troy

Queen of Sparta


1. daughter of Zeus

2. Polydeuces and Castor were her brother and half brother

3. married to Menelaus

4. falls in love with Paris while married to Menelaus

Legends to Know

*Helen was kidnapped when she was very young by Theseus, king Athens, and Pirithous.

Her brother and half-brother, Polydeuces and Castor, rescued her.

*Some blame the Trojan War on her because of her adultery. She fell in love with Paris while married to Menelaus.

Who is Helen?

*She's known for her beauty

*the most beatiful woman in the world according to many

*all the young men wanted to marry her

* Queen of Sparta

*said to be the cause of the Trojan War

*"The face that launched a thousand ships inspired just as many"


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