Demetreus Johnson 2B

Magna Carta

When? Where? Why? What?

In the year 1215 (specifically on June the 15th), a peace treaty was made and signed by King John Of England to end disputes between his way of ruling versus the rebels who hated the way they had been treated by the king. Excessive Taxation was the main issue. King John was making every product so much more expensive so he could make more profit for his own selfish needs. The rebels were so sick and tired of it, so they decided to revolt against the King till the rights of the citizens were put into action.

Is This Document Still Apart Of The U.S. National Government?

Indeed it is. A quote from the Magna Carta was used in the U.S. constitution. Also, some of the terms in the document were adopted by the U.S. Bill of Rights. The main things that made the Manga Carta apart of the U.S. government today was how one person couldn't have complete control over a country, freedom of searches, right to a speedy trial, right to a jury, and protection from loss of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.