Behavioural approach to management

Management as leading & Motivation & Communicating

Mamngement as Leading--------Be a successful leader

  • Keeps an open mind, seeks out new ideas & freely shares information

  • Being confidence & shares credit and recognition

  • Builds & communicates a clear vision

  • Sets an example & earns the respect of employees

  • Delegates tasks to suitable employees

  • Conveys the goals of the business to workers & motivates them

  • Understands the technical aspects of the industry/business

Motivating Employees

  • Motivated employees in the workplace can makes them to perform a high level of work practices : (Internal factors---Motivation techniques):

  • Trust & Respect & Positive reinforcement,

  • Empowerment,

  • Enhance self-esteem


  • Causes the employee feels they are important for this business
  • Improved employees productivity

Management as Communication

The Relator & Socializer & Thinker & Director:

  • Have a plan & Be able organise the employees
  • Being friendly & Honest & Treat with patience
  • Creates opportunities equally for every employees
  • Be generous & specific with feedback
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