Saxton Awards 17.9.21

Rainbow and Values Awards


Rainbow Awards:

Jacob Worsnop - for having a wonderful start to the year, having a great attitude and always trying his hardest in everything he does.

Frankie Farthing-Sumner - for her beautifully neat writing and always trying her best.


Creativity Values Award:

Jenson Gautrey - This is for the superb creative writing that you’ve done this week. Your use of descriptive and figurative language has wowed Mr Rich and Mrs Cockeram.

Rainbow Awards:

Sienna Leonard - for always being so respectful to your classmates and the adults in school. We love having you in Sycamore!

Rory Watson and Gracie Goodbarn - for how much effort you have put into responding to the feedback that you have received this week. You are great role models to the rest of the class.


Community Award

Will Armstrong - For being kind and encouraging to others at all times but especially in our first hockey lesson this week. It was wonderful to see the confidence of other pupils grow thanks to your kind words and support, Will. Thank you.

Rainbow Awards:

Freddy Forshaw - For making an excellent start in year 6: with your fantastic attitude to learning and your eager participation in every lesson, you are a wonderful role model to younger pupils, Freddy!

Harry Connell - For making a wonderful start to Year 6, especially with handwriting and the presentation of your maths work. You have certainly learned the value of not rushing in maths lessons Harry! Your work so far this year has been amazing! Keep it up!