Hurricane Katrina

One of the Most Deadliest Hurricanes

How do Hurricanes Maintain Strength?

Hurricanes maintain strength by warm ocean water. Once a hurricane makes landfall it weakens because the warm ocean water isn't there to help the hurricane maintain it's strength. Hurricanes form as disturbances in warm ocean waters with surface temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Hurricane season starts May 15th and ends November 30th. (This is a satellite image of hurricane Katrina)

Hurricanes are named in alphabetical order. If a hurricane is so bad that it causes a lot of damage, they don't use that hurricane's name again. The hurricane's wind speed determine if its a Category 5 or a Category 1.

Category 5's wind speeds are 157 mph and up. Category 4's wind speeds range from 131 mph to 156 mph. Category 3's wind speeds range from 111 mph to 130 mph. Category 2's wind speeds range from 96 mph to 110 mph. Category 1's wind speeds range from 74 mph to 95 mph.

Hurricane Katrina One of the Deadliest Hurricanes

The famous hurricane I've chosen is hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina started out August 25th, 2005. She started out as a tropical wave. That tropical wave came from the remnants of a tropical depression in the Caribbean. (This is hurricane Katrina's path of destruction)

Hurricane Katrina made landfall in South Florida as a small hurricane with sustained winds of 80 mph with gusts up to 95 mph. Hurricane Katrina killed around two thousand people. She cost around 200 million dollars in damage. Experts say she may be one of the most costliest hurricanes ever. The highest wind speed hurricane Katrina ever reached was 175 mph.

Hurricane Katrina was so powerful that they're some commercials about animals that survived. Also she created some storm surges that flooded lots of houses.

Mackenzie Galloway November 20th,2012