World Geography Final Exam Review

By Kaitlyn McCracken

Physical geography affects economic activities

Ex: Japan's islands allow for easy fishing and trade with other countries


Immigrants add to diverse culture in a country by bringing language, beliefs, food, culture, and clothing

Global spread of American culture

Many countries speak English and have established democracy's much like our own

Introduction of new foods to Western Europe

Colombian exchange and Columbus voyage

Huge migration shift in 1800s

Moved west

Ex: California

US acquired both and south borders

Many are natural, some man made such as boundary lines

Purpose of NAFTA and EU

To increase nations economic cooperation. It also helped get rid of tariffs and make traveling and employment easier

Colombian exchange

encouraged economic growth by providing food and supplies.

(Innovations in sea travel)

1989 democratic elections in Latvia, Poland, and Ukraine

Free elections were held and they made a change towards democracy

EU population shift

People are migrating because they can go between countries with little difficulty in search of employment and a better place to live

North Africa is more stable

North Africa is separated by the Sahara desert so it is more culturally diverse. They are closer to Europe so they have better supplies and healthcare.

Nelson Mandela

First president of South Africa. He helped to end apartheid

European colonization

It left them divided from ethnic groups and economically unstable. Some effects of this are political unrest, civil wars, dictators, and corruption of the government. The countries are also fighting for freedom

Diseases from globalization

Diseases spread quickly through accelerated travel instead of just in that area

Israelis borders

Religious disputes between muslims and Hindus

Saudi Arabia

Important to the world because it is the worlds largest supplier of oil and the holy city Mecca


The Muslims and Hindus fight for control. Pakistan wants the territory for Muslims and India wants the territory for Hindus

Chinese cities

Located in east coast and coastal areas
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Stateless nation

Nation of culturally similar people not considered a state in an area

Ex: Palestine or kurdistan

Population density

A measure of the average population in a country

Plate tectonics

Structure of the earths crust that move to create mountain ranges

Ex: India and China- Himalayas


Hiring someone outside of the company to do work that was once done in the country. This can cause job loss in the country the company is in

Substistance farming

Farming for family needs

Commercial farming

Farming to make a profit

Cultural assimilation

Cultures mixing to form a new culture

Cultural hearth

Place where ideas diffuse

Ex: New York City

Cultural diffusion

The spread of ideas, innovations, or patterns of behavior


Act of moving into a city


The idea of building a world economy

Theocratic government

A religious leader is in charge

Ex: prime minister

Democratic government

Citizens hold the power

-developed by the greeks

Totalitarian government

Ruled by a dictator with little or no freedom

Public and privately owned businesses


Total freedom

Free market

Controlled by the central government


Government providing


Wealthier developed country

High birth rates, low death rates, high GDP per capita, low infant mortality

Poor less developed country

Hug birth rate, high death rates,low GDP per capita, high infant mortality

Primary activites

Raw materials and natural resources

Secondary activites

Processing and manufacturing

Tertiary activites

Business and professional services

Quaternary activites

High level decision making
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