Luis De Morales

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Luis De Morales

Morales was born in Badajoz, Spain in 1519 and died in 1586. This is also where the Spaniard spent most of lifetime at. Morales received training as a painter in the town of Seville where there were many Renaissance artists that made a great impact in his training. He spent the majority of his life just creating paintings for his town and local facilities.

More About Paintings

Moreno only created paintings during his lifetime with the majority of them being oil paintings on panels but he occasionally made them on canvas. Most of paintings were religious and very depressing or had dark, gloomy colors. Some examples are The Pietá, Christ Meditating on the Passion, and Holy Family. Morenoś main patron was his local church or other associations located near him that he made paintings for as decorations.

Isms of Luis De Moreno

Naturalism - this is the use of natural colors with oil paints, lights, and textures, a huge emphasis on colors and mood, Moreno almost always used oil paints and in most of his paintings, he expertly used colors to enhance the religious mood and give off any vibe he wanted

Humanism - the use of people and their emotions, focused on the humans, Moreno;s paintings were usually of a religious figure and he would place very detailed emotions on them that would affect the entire painting

The Pietá

Created in 1560, kept in the Badajoz Cathedral and in the Prado Museum, The Pietá was significant because it was considered to be one of Morales' masterpieces. It especially stood out amongst his works because of the depressing colors and feel it gave people. To describe The Pietá, I would say that it is in fact a very depressing painting. There is a great use of colors in the painting that compliment each other well. Also the incorporation of the base of the cross in the background gives it enough of a religious vibe as needed for a Luis de Moreno painting. Also the word ¨Pietá"is used to describe the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus.

The Isms That Apply

Perspectivism - three dimensional or has depth, has linear perspective with a vanishing point, in the painting, there is depth with the people in front and the cross in the back, vanishing point to the side so the cross looks 3D

Naturalism - use of oil paints, lights, and textures, also has a natural appearance, use of consistency, and emphasized color and mood, in the painting, there is a definite mood of depression that evolves from the colors in The Pietá, also the painting was made with oil paints, a favorite of Morenoś


What makes this piece so interesting is the mood that it sets in its viewers. You can feel the wave of depression that flushes over you because of the colors and emphasis on The Pietá. There are many different kinds of this painting but Luis De Moreno does a good job by making his pop.

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