Smithville Primary

School Counseling Internship

Thank You!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be with you and your staff this fall. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience. More then anything Rae and I talked about how much your staff cares for their students and I saw this over and over again.

Unfortunately it went way too fast and here I am writing you a week after my last day. A couple of reasons I wanted to write to you was to let you know what I was able to accomplish while I was an intern. You can see some of the things I did listed below. Most of these services were done while Rae was busy doing guidance lessons. I also wanted to list a few things to have in your back pocket as you move forward to the future.

In the Elementary setting ASCA National Model Suggests

80% Direct and Indirect Services and 20% Program Planning and School Support

Guidance Curriculum should be 35-45% percent of a counselors time.

Individual Student Planning 5%-10%

Responsive Services 30%-40%

System Support 10%-15%.

Program Planning and School Support 20%

MSIP 5: Guidance and Counseling 1/16/2013


Staff ratios for guidance and counseling are a part of the resource standards. The standard for guidance and counseling has been established at 1-500 ratio, K-12. However, the recommended ratio is 1-250. This is a reduction of 100 students from MSIP 4 which came as a result of the solid body of evidence that has built up over the years that demonstrates the positive impact on student achievement in schools with lower ratios. Guidance and Counseling Research School counselors can make a positive difference when provided the resources and time to work with students.


Real Truth

From looking from the outside in Rae's schedule gives her little wiggle room to meet with students individually or in groups. As well, as give support for teachers because her guidance lessons are currently in the specials rotations as well as the teachers plan time. This is probably her biggest frustration of never feeling she is giving anything or anyone her full attention because she is pulled so many ways. With the numbers listed above and no new building I see this as a way to support more at risk students as well as support the staff.