Colonization Of Texas


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Advantages of Living in Texas

Texas is one of the most perfect states to settle in. It's a place to raise a family, to start a job and many more things. The high grasses and running rivers are the perfect scenery to live around. Read on to learn more about the about moving into Texas.

Cheap Land

Many families seeking to settle into Texas were large and low on money. Of course, that's pretty much the worst mix to be stuck with. But luckily, the land in Texas is selling for a VERY low price. Buying land here would only cost you 12.5 cents per acre. Many Anglo settlers were looking for cheap land. That was convenient because Texas had just started to populate and land was plentiful.

The land polices in Texas were also a advantage to Anglo settlers. Every family that was looking to move into Texas given 1,280 acres of land. Single men were given 640 acres of land until they married and had children.

Good Goverment

All around the world the economy has been falling apart. Mexico, Poland etc. have been holding on to a thread, just trying to keep the people living there alive. Lets compare Poland's failing government. Poland failed at protecting itself from Russia. They no longer had limited independence. The citizens of Poland had very little rights, and they couldn't do much because Poland's military being taken over. Their government was weak. Texas has a strong government. Things that had happened to Poland would never happen to the state of Texas.

The people of this state were free to make their own government have safety, food, good status and many more to offer. People were allowed to establish institutions. his government promises to take care of its settlers.

Jobs & Education

People who were settling in Texas came from all over the world. The had significant jobs such as blacksmiths, farmers, carpenters and many more. . Many business opportunities were open to the settlers, since Texas was a budding state that needed workers. Finding jobs when moving here was not a problem, so families could make money and take care of themselves. Farmers were also at a advantage. Texas had many acres of fertile land, which meant many acres of land for farming. Settlers who bought land could have also farmed on their land if they had a farming past. Money was easy to make in this state.

Families with children already know how hard it is to take care of their kids. One of the main problems was education for some of them. Texas established a few schools to take that worry off of parent's hands. So people did not have to stress out about their children's education.

No Taxes

Don't you just hate having to pay for unwanted fees? Yes, I'm talking about paying dreadful taxes. You are probably barley getting through life, having to pay for your family, for yourself, and for taxes. But if you settled here in Texas, you wouldn't have to pay taxes for up to a year! The government in this state has agreed to wait for a temporary period of time to make settlers pay their taxes. Imagine how much money you could save by moving here. So get out of Poland, Germany (places that make you pay taxes) or wherever your living and make a new life here!

Control & little poverty

Did you know Anglo settlers were given control of social, political and economic affairs? Well if you didn't, now you know. Moving to Texas would give you freedom, more freedom then you had where you live right now. For Anglo settlers living in Texas, you would have a lot of control of what you do. You can't have much control if you don't have money. Well in Texas, there was barely any poverty. Poverty was sweeping over many economies, such as Mexico. If your afraid of being stuck in a poor country, coming to Texas would be the best escape plan.
Wherever your coming from, i hope you realize the advantaged Texas has offer. Thank you for reading, and i hope to see you settling in Texas.


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