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News Network Conducts Drive to Build Up its Marketing Tribe

Become a Liaison & Watch Your Female Client Base Explode

Why reinvent the marketing wheel to reach women in another city when you can team up with women who live in the city you’re targeting so they can provide first hand knowledge on the most effective way to reach their women’s business market? is developing a network of over 150 online women's news bureaus that will answer the question “How Do I Market My Company to Businesswomen in Atlanta, Paris, Sydney, & Every Other Major City Around the Globe Using the Local Resources Already in Place?

The network of women's news bureaus will help business and professional women gather business intelligence to implement niche marketing to women campaigns on a global, national or local scale depending upon their business goals.

They will provide the online and offline women in business community with a central place for women to connect and look for collaborative business partners. City Pages, marketing snapshots of local women's business markets, will be developed with the assistance of liaisons for all the cities that make up the metro areas covered by news bureaus.

To ensure they end 2013 with a news presence in over 300 key metros around the globe is conducting a drive to grow its marketing tribe. They are inviting women and men who want to band together to grow their female client base using its innovative news and PR platform to become liaisons by making a minimum contribution of $50 to its site development fund. The minimum contribution gets your foot in the door of but you have the option to select a higher level to get maximum exposure.

Liaisons will be able to provide complementary products and services to business and professional women who need assistance with implementing their marketing to women campaigns as well help to find a plan b, start, grow or expand their companies.

Liaison Perks Include Networking, PR & Revenue Sharing

li·ai·son ˈlēəˌzän,lēˈā noun: 1. communication or cooperation that facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.

The payoff for becoming a liaison is lucrative connections and PR. It’s a high visibility position that offers massive networking, PR and revenue opportunities for business people who enjoy connecting likeminded people together.

You will be able to work with a group of money minded women who can open business doors for your company while you help build a place for women to congregate on a daily basis to get the real news they need to advance their businesses.

Everyone who gets involved now by becoming a liaison will be poised to benefit from

  • publicity for their business and clients (great client attraction perk);
  • prominent content placement;
  • integrating a portion of their business into the news sites for their state, Province or country to capture leads;
  • and joint ventures.

Involvement starts at only $50 for networking savvy women on a budget who want to get their foot in the door with Business people can step up to become a liaison to connect their local women in business market or a niche audience (coaches, VAs, real estate agents, attorneys, etc.) to 's network of news bureaus.

If the idea of networking with powerhouse business women who are leaders of women's business groups, international speakers, public relations consultants and more to build a first stop online destination for business and professional women that will catapult your female client base appeals to you, find out how you can become a liaison today.

Examples of Current JVs that Offer Smart Revenue Sharing Opportunities

The JVs listed below don't take away from what is doing but actually taps into its strengths to make forming them worthwhile.

  • Sarah Pavlou, the liaison for Europe, will be partnering with to give monthly joint events with women from different European countries.
  • Yasmine Khater, liaison for Asia has invited to JV on a series of interviews with Asian businesswomen for a book she is writing.
  • Sherri Henley formed a JV to supply the members of Business Over Coffee International with press release writing services.

First 20 People to Sign Up Today Will Receive a Special Gift

If your business has an emphasis on collaboration, marketing to women, or business support services, you need to have a presence on

The first 20 people who sign up to become a liaison today will receive a special gift today from Refer someone and you will receive a full page directory listing on as thanks.

  1. Receive a professionally written business profile written by to highlight your entrepreneurial journey that you can as a marketing tool. It will be sent to you as a PDF for you to share and as a Word Doc so you can publish it on your site. will publish it on the news bureau for your area enhanced with PR SEO, photo gallery, videos and podcast. You have to supply the video, images and podcast if you want them included.
  2. Or have your 12 month banner ad rotated on every page of the news bureau for your area. Submit a 468x60, 300x250 or 160x600 size banner. The ad can be updated twice during the 12 month period at no additional cost.

Connect, collaborate and create the ultimate women's business site that will make you stand out from the crowd. Click here for all the exciting details and tell a friend.

How to Use as a Tool to Grow Your Female Client Base Locally & Globally

You can be the most talented and skilled business or professional woman in the world but if you don’t have the budget to market yourself, you will be lost in the crowd on the Internet. Back in the early days, it was easy to stand out. Today you have to piggyback on larger projects that complement your business to ensure you have multiple streams of exposure to garner consistent buzz for your business.

In short, while you are working on your business instead of in it, another company is marketing your business by including you in their press releases, linking to your site, passing out your info along with their materials at a networking event, etc. is the complementary business and project that you should attach your business to.

With the development of its network of women’s news bureaus spanning 6 continents, you can become the news as well as create it. By writing about your local women in business market, you will draw the attention of chambers of commerce, business development agencies and more.

You will even be in a position of PR power to give other women exposure as thanks for becoming one of your customers. It’s one of the many ways can complement your business.

Instead of just being a direct sales consultant who sells Avon, Arbonne, It Works, etc., you can be the direct sales consultant who covers the Shop Local beat for your area thus getting your foot in the door with small businesses who can insert your samples in their customers bags.

Instead of just being a business coach who helps business women stay on track, you can be the business coach who covers the business organization beat so you can get your foot in the door the members of chambers of commerce, business associations and more.