Operation Rescue

E Cubed Mission to Taclboan Philippines

About Us

Emma Adams

Role- Load Master, in charge of loading the pallets on the plane

We choose Emma for this job because she is very neat, smart and thinks simpler than the rest of us.

Emma is very active and always has enough energy. She put everything together on the plane neatly and everything is easy to find. She organized the different stuff on the plane to be together and not scattered in different boxes.

Emma Gable

Role- Pilot, she will fly the plane through to the different stops that we will go to

We choose Emma G to be the pilot because she is coordinated, smart and calm.

Emma is coordinted because she does different activities outside of her pilot job.

Emma knows how to correctly pilot plane so we know we will get there fast.

Eadan WIed

Role- Medical Officer she gets all the vaccines for the diseases and finds out what medical things we need to get

We choose Eadan for this job because she is smart, she wants to be a doctor also, so this will be the perfect opportunity for her to get prepared.

Our Mission Goal- our goal is to go to Tacloban Philipeans to cure their diseases with the vaccines, give them as much food at possible and aid them however they need to be aided.

Accomplishments / Accolades

Supplies Brought:

  • 7 Drinking Water
  • 3 Portable Hospitals
  • 2 Mosquito Supplies
  • 3 Food
  • 3 Clothing / Blankets
  • 2 Portable Loins
  • 3 Medical Supplies
  • 2 Refrigerated Medical Supplies

Time took to fly the Supplies: 27 hrs 49.8 mins

Our Travel Path:

  • Houston, TX: Rangely Airport, CO
  • Rangely Airport, CO: Cape St. James Airport, CA
  • Cape St. James Airport, CA: King Cove Airport
  • King Cove Airport: Ust-Kamchatsk Airport
  • Ust-Kamchatsk Airport: Hakodate Airport
  • Hakodate Airport: Kikai Airport
  • Kikai Airport: Daniel Z. Pomualdez Airport


  • Flight Time: 27 hours 49.8 minutes
  • Weight: 27,761 lbs
  • Volume : 720 per pallet 13600 over all
  • Thew food water and medical supplies because we are going to relive them and those are the main things they need


Description of What Was Accomplished-Once we reached Tacloban we removed everything (vaccines, food, water, first aid kit, etc.) from the plane. We aided everyone with diseases, We had breakfast, lunch and dinner, We also made sure everyone was properly feed, aided and cared for.

Missconceptions Addressed-

We used to think that helping everyone would be super hard but now we are aware it was easy and it also gives us a sense of accomplishment knowing that we helped all those people.


A stradiges that work were going around the world by going west instead of east.

Lessons Learned:

If you let one person try to take control it wont work. You need all 3 people to work as one.

Our Porpose: was to help poeple in need while others were not.