What is Chromium

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Chromium, a preservative of the metals

Chromium is a preservative of the metals. It is resistant to rust, has a high melting point, and the most common isotopes of chromium are very stable and takes a long time to decay. Cr-49 and 51 are the only non stable isotopes out of the six isotopes. Cr-49 takes 42.3 minutes to reach its half life. Cr-49-51 has a half life of 27.7 days

Facts, discovery, and where we get it from

Chromium's atomic number is 24, it has six isotopes. It was first discovered in 1761 in Crocoite or lead chromate(PbCrO_'4)

Louis Nicolas Vauquelin isolated chromium for the first time in 1797 from lead chromate. Chromium is a rare mineral in earth's crust so it isn't used commercially, but it is extracted from iron chromium oxide (FeCr_'2O_'4) and used comercially

History and uses

A chromium oxide coating was used in the weapons in the terracotta army of the Qin Dynasty. The weopons were preserved really well. In th 1800's chromium was used in paints and tanning salts. Now a days chromium is used on cars for decoration, but most people don't know that it is actually used to help preserve and protect against rust


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