The followers of Christianity are called Christians. They believe that there is only one God which is known as Monotheism. Their God is known as The God of Abraham. Their holy book that they read from is the Holy Bible, this includes the Old Testament and the New Testament. Some of their key beliefs are prayer, salvation, and trinity. Prayer is used to speak to God through his son Jesus Christ. Salvation is the act of acceptance of God's grace. The belief of Trinity shows that Christians believe that their God is the Father, Jesus Christ is the son, and they are the Spirit. Christians practice Baptism and Holy communion. Baptism is the act of being cleansed of sin and accepting God as their Father. Holy communion is the taking of bread and wine as Jesus did with his followers - known as The Last Supper. The place where Christians worship their God is in a building called a church. Leaders of their church are called pastors, preachers, ministers, priests, fathers and reverends. The different sects of Christianity are Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Holidays and Holy days recognized by Christians are Christmas, Easter, and Sunday. Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ, and Easter is celebrated for the Resurrection of Christ. Sunday is designated as a day or worship. The Holy sights for Christians are Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Jerusalem is important to Christians for being the area that Jesus ministered. As the birth place of Jesus, Bethlehem is also a Holy site.