Oil Drilling in Alaska

Why it's a good idea

Having a lot of oil will highly benefit mankind.

According to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the United States imports up to 60% of its oil from other countries, which amounts to approximately $400 billion dollars spent per year. An advantage of drilling for oil in Alaska is the money it would bring to the United States. Billions of dollars are sitting there, waiting to be gained. The services and materials needed to drill in Alaska would create thousands of jobs throughout the U.S.

Oil prices will go down, it may even cause an economic boom. We will no longer depend on foreign oil, and it will be more available to our people. Everyone's better off with a larger supply of oil. Nearly everything we manufacture and need in this era needs oil to be made or transported, and the demand for it is too high. We need this oil, very badly.

We will get the oil we need while making sure the environment stays safe.

Making sure wildlife safe is always a concern when talking about using the Alaskan oil fields because Alaska is the home to several types of animals that are no where else, including certain types of moose, bears, foxes, oxen, fish, seals, whales, and many types birds. These animals are monitored daily by state and federal wildlife specialists for any problems or bad impacts which may occur because of the drilling. The area's wildlife and oil development can coexist successfully.

We will make sure it won't affect the animals and environment.

Guaranteed to be safe and efficient


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Made by Kaleigh Sands, Science Class, Bell 4