April 2016


Every teacher knows kids love games. What if you need a series of short computer games to act as time fillers between activities, or to give your students a break from the more serious type of work? And what if you could give your students a game specially designed by you that they can play at home? Look no further than What2Learn!

  • You can make your own fun interactive game with vocabulary or questions chosen by you, which include options like hangman, word search or multiple choice questions.
  • After you make the game, you obtain a code and a URL you can send to your students. All in a matter of minutes! All for free!

Simply click on this link to get registered and start creating your educational games!


Class Dojo Updates!

On ClassDojo, you can now provide another teacher or student assistant access to one of your classes so that they can give feedback points, look at reports, or even message parents!

Also, Class Dojo had incorporated some exciting videos that reinforce positive behaviour in pupils so that they can grow and succeed!

Simply click on this link to find out more about these videos!