Animal Extinction

By: Willy Truex

The Problem: Polar Animals Going Extinct

It may seem weird, but over the years, but us humans and our activities have been releasing Co2, or carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is getting trapped in the ozone layer and is heating up, which is making the Earth get warmer. This process is called global warming. The reason that this is a serious problem because it's causing animals to go extinct because they can't adapt to these changes quick enough. This project is going to explain how animals are going extinct because of this.

Extinction is Bad!

Why is it Bad?

Why would extinction be a bad thing? Well, I'll tell you. Some animal species have been leaving fossils, which is helping us learn about the past. If the animal species goes extinct, it doesn't leave those fossils anymore, so we can't learn about that animal or the past. Another reason is that some animals can help us by giving us companionship so people don't suffer from loneliness or depression. Also some animals actually have a sixth-sense, so they can warn us about things like a tsunami, or a hurricane. So, now you can probably tell why extinction is bad and that we should try to save the animals.

Taking Action

Are Things Being Done About it Right Now?

Yes people do know that this is a serious problem and they are trying everything to do to help save the endangered species. People are cutting down on the Co2 they are releasing (which is heating up the planet causing the animals to die out) by using less energy in their homes and more people are carpooling to work or school nowadays.

Some Possible Solutions


There are many ways we can help these poor animals. Let's list a few:

1. We can set up a fundraisers like a fun fairs or carnivals around the state to raise money to build wildlife conservation areas, or zoos around the world so we can keep the endangered species in a controlled environment. Also, people can go there just for fun to see them.

2. We can limit the Co2 we put out by walking to school, or carpooling to hopefully reduce the planet's temperature so the endangered species can adapt to the climate easier.

3. We can stop deforestation in places where the woods are the home to many animals by convincing the state to not destroy the forests by populated areas.

More Information

Is animal extinction a bad thing for me?

Animal extinction is a bad thing for me because I love animals since they can do things that humans can't do like predict the future. They can't quite predict the future but they can tell you a natural disaster is about to happen. (It's because of that sixth sense.)



I really hope that you enjoyed this presentation and that you learned something. I had a lot of fun researching this information and I learned a lot from it too!