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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Kendra Out Today.

Please review today's ASP attendance sheets here.

FYI: Early Morning Drop-Off begins at 7:45 am, location is in the MPR

Please remember that we are having Community Time on Friday 9/23 starting at 4:15pm.

Fort Greene Park

Field Trip Service (including buses to Fort Greene Park) will begin on October 6th. There will be no field trip service on the dates listed below:

  • October 27
  • November 3, 15, 18
  • March 7, 9, 16, 24
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Current Plan for Park:
  • Grades K+1 cannot go to the park until busing begins because of safety concerns. Metrotech is your play option.
  • Grades 2+3: If you would like to go to the park, you may walk your class to the park. Both core teachers need to accompany their classes.
  • There is no additional coverage until buses to the park start in early/mid October.
  • It not possible to change your lunch time so you need to be back by your scheduled lunch time. We also cannot provide field trip lunches until busing begins.
  • When busing begins: We will provide field trip lunches. And, coverage will change: only one core teacher needs to accompany their class to park.

Lunch Coverage

Please remember: That your lunch time is broke into a 30min recess followed by 30min lunch. Please note that lunch should be covered by one core teacher and a support person. Starting 9/26 the core teacher may leave once all students have returned to the classroom and lunch has started. Please only leave if the support person has a handle on the lunch process with the class.

Student Crisis

Please see the details below on what to do if you have a student that is having a crisis. This protocol is a work in progress and I welcome all feedback in order to refine and improve the plan. I know not all classes have working phones at this time, so we ask that teachers use their cell phones or reach out to an adult on their floor who can make contact with the front desk if needed.
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We have reached our max in our Amazon account, and are waiting for Amazon to receive payment.

We will still submit for approval but, unfortunately will not be able to place orders until our funds are replenished.
Please note, some purchases made this week have been affected. Try purchasing from Non Amazon Vendors (Really Good Stuff, Lakeshore, etc) in the interim!

Questions? dtpurchasing@brooklynprospect.org
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