I Am Malala Haiku Deck

By: Alexandra Zip

I think Malala is...

Clever! I think that Malala is a clever girl you can change the world!

Detail #1

It says on page 12 that Malala is a "top student".

Detail #2

On page 12 it talks about Malala trying to lighten her skin with rose water, honey, and buffalo milk. So it shows that she is smart enough to think about it.

Detail #3

On page 15 it talks about how Malala thought that Safina took her phone. So she took something of Safina's to try to get her phone back. That show that she was clever to think about that because she did get her phone back.

Detail #4

I don't have a page because she talks about it so much. But Malala made her own choose to ignore the radio mullah. Which has smart because she is smartly choosing to go her own way.

Detail #5

On page 81 it talks about Malala not listen to all the people that were hating on her. That is smart because as she says "it could bring me down, and I don't need to be sadder then I already am".

Detail #6

On page 86 it talks about Malala thinking about the show Ugly Betty, and how much better the U.S is, Malala was pretty smart to understand all that when she lives in Pakistan.

Detail #7

Also on page 86 It also talk about how she understands a connection between her and a tv character is smart.

Detail #8

Because it is said on so many pages I could not choose a page. But it said that to get back to school Malala pretended to be 10 years old. Which is very clever!

Detail #9

On page 97 it talks about how Malala came to her senses and left all that stuff she was going to bring with her to visit her family. That is smart because it would make a mess in the car.


Because it is all around the book I don't have a page number. She stud up to the Taliban! Think all by her self not standing by is smart.

I am Malala Book

By: Malala Yousafzai, and Patricia McCormick