Carolina Blas

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My Roots

I have two amazing parents that have been married for 27 years and I have three incredible brothers who all keep me very grounded. I am the youngest and the only girl! Two of my brothers still live with us.

Luis (20) the youngest of all three, graduated Huntsville High with a scholarship in music and is now attending his second year at SHSU. He is my best friend and we always have each other's backs!

Julio (21) the newly converted vegan loves soccer and anything with excitement, he is loud and very outgoing, he is the comedian in the family, always making us laugh!

Diego (26) the oldest, is in love with guns right now. He is also the one with the brains in the family graduating top of his class in college. He recently got married and is now happily living apart with his new wife.

I love...

HORSES!! They are the prettiest creatures ever! Unfortunately I have never ridden one

I also enjoy running and playing soccer when I have the chance, it relaxes me.

Favorite Memory

My quinceanera would have to be my best memory so far. The experience of having to plan such a big party and being able to share it with some of my best friends was amazing. Definitely a day I will always remember!!

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