First Grade News

May 9 - 13, 2016


May 9 is Day 5 of the Encore Rotation

Mon. Read 10 minutes.

Spelling 3x each

Tues. Read 10 minutes.


Wed. Read 10 minutes.

Write the Spelling Words in ABC Order

Thurs. Read 10 minutes.

Study for spelling test.


Fri. Read 20 minutes.

Optional Lifework: Draw a map of your bedroom. Use symbols to represent items in your room. Include a map legend.

Spelling List 24













Curriculum Corner

Langauge Arts: Phonics: Bossy R in "ir","er" and "ur" words. Writing: Creating story maps. D'Nealian Handwriting letter Ww.

Math: Addition and Subtraction facts to 18, Fact Families, Subtraction strategies

Social Studies: Mapping, Cardinal Directions. symbols, identifying United States on a globe and map, identify Virginia on a map.

Proper Letters and Numbers

Since we are getting ready for second grade, it is extremely important that students write their letters and numbers correctly. As you already know, words spelled with backward letters are marked incorrect on spelling. Starting this week, Monday, May 2nd, answers to math assessments must be written with correct numbers. Any answers written with backward numbers will be marked wrong.

Show and Tell Students, Numbers 6-10

Mrs. Brandt - Alyson, Samuel, Lillian, Alesha, Melina

Mrs. Buck - Adelaide, Sydney, Miranda, Benjamin, Kierrian

Mrs. Moore - Lulia, Jonathan, Bobby Joe, Darnelle, Sienna

Show and Tell

Since every student has had a chance to be Student of the Week, we would like to end the year giving each child a chance to "Show and Tell" something that is special to them. Show and Tell will begin on Wednesday, May 4th. Students above should bring in their special items on this day only. No pets please. Please know that the special item must stay in his/her backpack until it is time to share and will return to their backpack after sharing time. The item is the responsiblity of the student.

May Poem

A Good Play

By Robert Louis Stevenson

We built a ship upon the stairs

All made of the back-bedroom chairs,

And filled it full of sofa pillows

To go a-sailing on the billows.

We took a saw and several nails,

And water in the nursery pails;

And Tom said, "Let us also take

An apple and a slice of cake";

Which was enough for Tom and me

To go a-sailing on, till tea.

We sailed along for days and days,

And had the very best of plays;

But Tom fell out and hurt his knee,

So there was no one left but me.