Athens, Greece

Athens may be old but it's not boring!

Devoured Dishes

Prepare for your taste buds to be wowed! An amazing dish often consumed is lamb, which is prepared in many different ways. Be sure to try the exotic dishes of Tsourekia and Tiropitakin. Tsourekia is a great, sweet tasting bread and Tiropitakia is an amazing cheesy pastry that you could possibly put honey on. When you visit, check out all the amazing food served in Athens

The Interesting History of Athens

Check it out! The history here is amazing! Athens has a long history of wars and was conquered many times. Some famous wars were the Peloponnesians War. Finally, Athens was declared independent in 1829. Athens culture and history is extraordinary! Be sure to look more into the history and culture in Athens.

Amazing Activities

People usually don't realize how many things they can do in Athens. If you get the time, walk down Ermou Street. It is very child friendly so children can walk down Ermou street too. A funny site to see are the Greek Guards guarding the Greek Parliament. The guards walk like a goose making a hilarious scene. Amazing! You can also visit the first stadium used for the very first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Don't forget to visit the beautiful National Gardens located in the center of Athens. It is one of the best places you could possibly visit in Athens. Your life will never be complete until you try these activities!

Landmarks and Historical Sites That You Must Visit

Athens has so many cool landmarks and historical sites to offer. Try visiting Lycabettus Hill. It provides a spectacular view of Athens. Obviously, you will want to visit Acropolis. Acropolis is a hill like the wonderful Lycabettus Hill. Also visit the aged Agora. Agora was the place for things like law and politics. Do not forget to visit the Temple of the Olympian Zeus. It has to be one of the most impressive structures located in Athens. Obviously, you will want to visit Acropolis.

The Lovable Language

Learning the language is essential to visiting Athens. 98% of the population speak Greek so you need to learn it. Wow! The greek language is actually led to all European langauges and the Greeks were the first Europeans to create their own alphabet. There are also 3 dialects in the Greek language which are Aeolic, Doric, and Iionic so be sure to listen for them.

Wonderful Weather and Climate

Athens weather and climate is perfect! In the summer its a warm 80 degrees and in the winter a cool 45 degrees. The climate in Athens is dry and temperate so it makes sense why the average rainfall there is 20 inches in a year. Athens is not too dry, not too wet, it's just right.

Map of Athens


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