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"What did we learn this week?" inquired the minds who wanted to know:)

This was a great week! We worked very diligently on following the rules of quotation marks with dialogue this week. We worked specifically on applying the rules with practice pages for bellwork. Along with that, we were introduced to our next punctuation mark, the comma. We worked on one rule this week: use a comma and a conjunction when combining sentences. We learned the acronym FANBOYS, which is a reminder to our coordinating conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). We learned that a comma is not a strong enough mark to combine two sentences by itself; thus, it needs the conjunction to help it. We also looked at sentences that use the conjunction and don't need the comma. We will continue to work on comma rules the next couple of weeks. We will also get into possessive nouns and using apostrophes.

As for reading and writing, we worked reading and writing narratives. We attempted to read the first draft of our own writing and apply our graphic organizer to it (STORY); however, I realized that this was difficult. We will revisit this after we have worked more on analyzing narratives. Instead, we read "The Weather Machine," a short story with an unfinished ending. We analyzed its setting and time-order words. We then were given the task to finish the story. This is similar to the TNReady practice writing question that they were given in the fall. As a class, we brainstormed our ending and have completed our graphic organizer. Next week we will be writing the end of the story together. After we have practiced this together, the students will then practice this on their own.

Social Studies Fun

This week we worked through the Midwest Region. We also worked on learning the landforms in that region. Along with that, we began to learn about South America. We learned that South America is home to both the Amazon River, which is the largest river in the world, and the Andes Mountains, which is the longest mountain range in the world.

Kara Merriman

We are continuing with using Classroom Dojo to track both good and not so good behavior. If you haven't had a chance to sign up for this app, please do so. In my homeroom class's agendas, I have written how many points your child has earned this week. The goal to be able to attend the next ROAR celebration is 130. Once you sign up, you can see how your child has done for the day or week. You can see whether or not the whole class earned a point for behavior or if the point is earned or lost by your child individually.


We are starting a new Box Tops contest. The contest will be held from January 19 through February 12. Please send box tops in; the class with the most, wins a party.

"Duct Tape your Teacher to a Wall" contest is happening now! Send in your spare change to help support our classroom library. All money goes towards buying books for our classroom at the spring book fair. I am also collecting any third grade books to add to my classroom collection. If you have books that you are no longer reading and are willing to part with, I would love to take them off your hands. I assign chapter books each week to your children. My eighth grade library was quite large; however, my third grade library has not had as many years to grow. I appreciate any book or "duct tape" donations.

Reading logs have started back up along with word work. Please make sure to let your child read aloud to you.

Regions quizzes are still going on. Please make sure to quiz your child about the state abbreviations or locations. We are currently working on the Midwest region's states and landforms. The next region will be the Northeastern region.

No School on Monday!

Thanks to all who donated drinks for the ROAR party. We had a great Friday, celebrating with our "Wildcat Cinemas."

Wish List: candy