The Crusades

Created by Jaden & Megan

First crusade

  • Time Period: 1095 -1099
  • Location: Eastern Jerusalem ( near Anatolia, Levant, Palestine)
  • What: The Crusader armies initially fought the Turks at the lengthy siege of Antioch that began in October, 1097 and lasted until June, 1098. Once inside the city the crusaders massacred the Muslim inhabitants and pillaged the city. Jews and Muslims fought together to defend Jerusalem against the invading Franks.
  • Who: French and Italian
  • Why: The english extremist christianity followers believed that Jerusalem was rightfully the property and territory of the Christians.
  • Where: Jerusalem
  • Result: They captured the Holy Land

Second Crusade

  • Time Period: 1147 - 1149AD
  • Who: French & South German Armies
  • What: Marched to Jerusalem in 1147 but failed to win any major victories.
  • Why: Because of the amount of misdirected violence and slaughter of the Jewsih population of the Rhineland.
  • Result: Kings of France and Germany had returned to their countries with out any result.
  • Where: Jerusalem

Third crusade

Time Period: 1187-1192AD

Who: Europeans and the Muslims

What: Christian armies halted, italians consolidated control of Syrian ports & muslims allow unarmed christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land

Why: European leaders wanted to re-conquer the holy land from the rule of Saladin.

Result: Muslim Victory

Where: Jerusalem