Gloves with love & hats from heart

third grade community service [landon]


donate & collect 1,000 hats and gloves to children in need.

importance of wearing gloves

  1. when you get frostbite go to an adlalt emidelty
  2. you can get frostbite.
  3. you can protect children by giving them gloves.

importance of wearing hats

  1. hats can protect ears because the ears is the first part of your body and hats can protect your ears
  2. `hats can help you protect your head.
  3. hats can protect your hair

importance to GIVE BACK

  1. you can give back to the commuinty.
  2. make the world a better place!
  3. you can give the hats and gloves to homeless kids.

teacher contact info:

la'kia moore-scott

melinda pinner

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