adventure on to Venezuela

10 things to see in Venezuela

  1. Angel falls-In Venezuela the most popular tourist attraction is the Angel falls and especially for nature lovers.It is the largest water fall in the world if you could compare it to Niagara Falls its 15 times that.It would be a beautiful place to see some day and hear the water go down.

2.Sand Dunes at Los Medanos de Coro National Park-I know what you're thinking why in the world would i ever want to go to the HOT desert well what a lot of people don't know is that it even exist.Its really amazing to see the wind pick up the sand and actually create the dunes.

3. Cave Hiking-Another really good thing to do is cave hiking.Inside the caves is beautiful limestone which shape over time its a really gorgeous site.And if you stay long enough you can see oil-birds inside the chambers eating fruit and at night catching pray


4. Cable car riding-Cable car riding gives you a experience of a lifetime when you are riding on this they are 1 hour and 8 miles long to see on the way lush jungles, canyons, sheer rock faces, and beautiful waterfalls,you will definitely never want to forget this experience so remember to bring you camera.

5. River Expeditions-When you are taking a jungle walk in the day or a boat ride at night you can hear and possibly see howling monkeys and golden macaws.And will see wetlands and Native will also be able to do piranha fishing but be careful not to go in the water piranhas teeth are as sharp as a knife.”Natural beauty rarely seen are experienced here”.

6.Los Roques Archipelago National Park- This national park is on a island with crystal blue waters and pure white sand .This is perfect for scuba diving and for snorkelers to see the beautiful coral reefs,birds and sea life.You can also practice your windsurfing and sport fishing.This is one of the top archipelagos in the Caribbean.

7. Amazon Rain forest-The Amazon rain forest is the largest rain forest in the world this rain forest makes up half of the planets rain forest space.You will get to see rain forest animals and breath in the fresh air.

8. Lake Maracaibo-This lake is the largest lake on the South American continent and scientist believe that it is one of only a handful of ancient lakes on earth and it is estimated to be the second oldest; formed nearly 35 million years ago.its a very beautiful place to visit its relaxing and you can hear the water splash on to shore

9. Parque National Sierra Nevada-When you are claiming on this mountain you can see all of Venezuela's highest peaks including Pico Bolívar (5007m/16,427 ft), Pico Humboldt (4942 m/16,214 ft) and Pico Bonpland (4883 m/16,020 ft)Its a very beautiful site when you get to the top and see all of the peaks.

10. Fundación Bigott-If you want to go in to traditional Venezuela you should got to bigott you would learn to play joropo music with the bandola llanera (a string instrument)in the style of Anselmo López.or create your own will also learn traditional Venezuelan culture, including traditional celebrations, music, gastronomy, popular arts and artisan crafts.

10 items necessity and survival list

Since its a humid tropical you'll need the following

- Summer cloths

-just incase, water (allot of it)

- Extra deodorant, because its you'll get very sweaty

-a camera to take pictures of your surroundings

-Sun block

-bug spray

- learn how to swim, because MAN do they have the greatest beaches

- make sure you have a map because you might get lost

- and always keep a weapon, or stay out trouble

-and some of your favorite foods

History of Venezuela

-Venezuela started with 3 indigenous groups they where Caracas,Arawak,and cumanagotos.

-Christopher Coloumbus named the land “little Vince” because the houses were built on stilts and that reminded him of Vince,Italy.

- The republic dissolved in 1830, and Venezuela became an independent country

-was also one of the wealthiest in the region. It has some of the world's largest oil reserves outside of the Persian Gulf area, and it benefited from high oil prices in the 1970s and 1980s.

- Venezuela has become one of the wealthiest and most rapidly changing countries on the continent since the 1920s.


- religious freedom is guaranteed

-Catholicism is deeply ingrained in the culture

-most profess some faith in god

-Venezuelans take great pride in their country and the heroes of the independence movement

-Venezuelans admire honesty, generosity, and good sense of humor


-Venezuela is a president who serves a six year term

- as head of sate and government, the president governs with a council of minister

-the national assembly is made up of 165 members, who are elected by popular vote

Culture paragraph

Religious freedom is guaranteed by the constitution. Catholicism is deeply ingrained in the culture. Most profess some faith in god . So if you are very religious, don’t mind showing your faith. Venezuelans take great pride in their country and heroes of the independence movement. So don’t be surprised, when you hear people talking about/telling stories about what happened in the past. also, Venezuelans admire honesty, generosity, and good sense of humor, so you know we will try to keep smiling. Did You know, venezuelans are proud of the beauty of their country and of venezuelan woman;they proudly point out that winners of international beauty contests are frequently from Venezuela. So if you guys ever meet the girl of your dreams there, you might be in luck because, she might be a model.

Government paragragh

Venezuela is a republic with a president who serves a six year term. As head of the state and government, the president governs with a council of minister. The National Assembly is made up of 165 members, who are elected by popular vote. Three seats are reserved for members of the country groups.