Prepare For Battle!

By: Jonathan

Win or Not

You don’t rely have to say check. People just say it to upset there opponent. If you have your opponent in check and they don’t see it, they don’t lose. Instead you have to let them move again and they have to try to get out of check


Moves are divided into 3 sections. Opining moves are the first of the game. Middle game is the middle of a chess game. And end game is around the end of the game.

special moves

There are a few special moves that can be done by one piece. The pawn can move 2 spaces if it hasn’t moved yet. The knight can move over pieces. If a pawn gets to the other end of the board, you can trade it in for a lost piece. If nothing is in the way and your king and rook haven’t moved yet, you can move the king 2 spaces to the right or left and your rook moves over it

Move Out!

The pawn can only move 1 space forward. The rook moves up, down, left, or right as far as you want. Bishops can move diagonally as far as you want. Knights move in a L shape starting at one end and moves over 1 or 2 spaces and if you moved twice first go 1 space in another direction, and if you moved once first than move twice in another direction. The queen can move in any direction as far as it wants. The king can also move in any direction but only moves 1 space.

Prepare for battle

The board setup is pretty easy. First, put your pawns in the second row in front of you. Rooks go in the corners. Next to the rooks are bishops, then knights. Put the queen in the square of its color. Kings go in the last space. Make sure the kings and queens face each other.

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