Digital Citizenship

Tiffany Hovendick Period:6

someone who is able to think critically about the ethical opportunities and challenges of the "Digital World"and makes safe, responsible, respectable choices


  • cyberbullying- a bullying that happens online, or any other digital device, that can be effective on you and your friends, that is hurtful
  • Upstander- someone who sees cyberbullying and stands up for the victim
  • Bystander- does nothing while seeing someone get cyberbullied

Branding Yourself Positively

  • Be nice to one another by posting nice comments
  • Don't pretend to be someone your not
  • Don't make a "fake" profile that is mean about someone (it hurts others feelings)

Searching Effectively

  • Use boolean cues such as quotation marks and a hyphen
  • Use safe websites (look for domain websites: .com, .org, .edu,etc.)
  • Make sure the info is on at least three websites

Creator's Rights

  • Copyrighting- a law that says no one can use your work without your permission
  • Piracy-stealing someone's idea and making it your own
  • Plagiarize- copying and changing slightly their work and making it your own

"What not to do"

  • Don't share your password or anyone elses
  • Don't click on phishy websites or links
  • Don't give out any information about yourself (birth date, bank account, etc.)

Digital Footprint

  • Don't post bad things it can follow you for life
  • It can effect your job
  • It can never go away
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