Raymond's Run

Alex Martinez


Squeaky is the fastest girl in her class and she has a brother named Raymond who isn't quite right. Peolpe make fun of him for the way he is. Squeaky is like his body guard. One day, her old friend/enemy named Gretchen. She starts making fun of Raymond and Sqeuaky gets mad. So Gretchen starts talking about how she is going to beat her at the track meet. The track meet comes up and Squeaky wins of course but she noticed as she was running, Raymond was on the other side of the fence and he was running with her. So she retires from running and coaches Raymond.


I can infer that Squeky was the fastest girl because in the story she talks about how she has beaten people in races. "I used to win the 20 yard dash when I was a little kid in Kindergarten." She says.


In this story the con flict is that people make fun of Raymond and Gretchen talks smack about how she is going to beat Squeaky. Once it's race day Squeaky shuts her mouth by winning or beat her but Raymond does the race on the other side of the fence. After he finishes, Squeaky is touched by his running.


The way Squeaky resolved the conflict is that she beat Gretchen. Her speed that she had shut Gretchen's mouth about Gretchen beating her.


Squeaky's speed made Gretchen lose the race against her. Raymond's talent that nobody knew about made Squeaky realize that he isn't dumb.