Tropical Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest

A large portion is in Northwestern Brazil and in the heart of South America


This area has a beautiful landscape and many exotic animals.This is the most diverse biome of them all. While your there you can see the amazing Toucan bird or frightening Boa constrictor. As far as plants go there is a large tree population, orchids, and even some carnivorous plants.


The climate is Rainy and humid with an average temperature around 80-90 degrees. There is often more than a hundred inches of rain per year.

What to Pack

You will need a backpack, poncho and Hiking boots as the ground is typically moist. Be prepared with shirts that are good for hot humid weather.
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Why you Should Travel

The scenery is phenomenal and the stuff you can learn is amazing. You will see animals you never even heard of. Deforestation is taking down the rain forest rapidly and you need to come now.