Small Basic

My Small Basic code

My Code

If (Clock.Hour < 9) Then

TextWindow.WriteLine(" good morning")


TextWindow.WriteLine(" Hello there little friend")

TextWindow.WriteLine(" Whats your name then?")

Name = TextWindow.Read()

TextWindow.WriteLine(" Oh hey there " + Name)

TextWindow.Write(" How are you doing today?")

feel = TextWindow.Read()

TextWindow.WriteLine("oh how come your feeling " + feel)

feeling = TextWindow.Read()

TextWindow.Write(" Oh well I dont want to go into much detail on that")

TextWindow.WriteLine (" pick two numbers")

Number = TextWindow.Read()

Number2 = TextWindow.Read()

TextWindow.WriteLine (" Now would you like to Add, subtract, Divided or multiply them")

Add =

Subtract =

divided =

multiply =

Answer = TextWindow.Read()

TextWindow.WriteLine ("Ok here we go")

TextWindow.WriteLine (Number + Answer + Number2)

What is This code? ^

This code was a code i made in Small Basic.