My New Teacher: Miss Weber

The Best Teacher Ever

Hello Everyone. Please, Take Your Seats

Hi everyone. I am Miss Weber, your new teacher. Let me tell you why I am here. I have always wanted to touch peoples lives. And I think that the perfect way to do that is teach. Any questions? You in the back. Wow, that is a good question. For those of you who did not hear he asked how do teachers change the world. Well people keep being born. So that means that there are new brains that are just full of blank space. And when those people go into the world they need to know stuff. Thats where I come in. I take their minds and transform them into things more than people. Does that answer your question? Yes? Good, now lets get started

So Does Anyone know... Yes You In The Back... Again?

Wow. That is a little weird to ask on the first day, but okay. Again for those of you who did not hear him he asked what I make per year. Well I make about 30,000 a year but that is because it is my first year. But in the next 5 years I will gain about 20,000. The more years the more money you get. So is that your last question? Great. Lets get working.

Well Thats Me, Any More Questions?

Yes, you in the back again. Well that is a good one. He asked what are the pros and cons of me working as a teacher. Well one of the cons is I don't make as much money. The pros are that I get to be with you. I love kids. Another con is that I work up to 60 hours a week!!! But a pro is that teaching is sooo fun!!!!! Thats it, right? Yay finally lets go.

Any More Questions???????

I will be happy to answer anything from my class.