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Berserk the Cataclysm – Free MMO Trading Card for iOS, Android & Web Browsers

In this free MMO trading card game, players will form their own decks and face challenges by other players or AI in multiple game modes and PvE campaigns. In the game, you can choose from 5 different elementary features, and have at your disposal more than 800 different cards you can collect, the further you can create an infinite number of different strategies you can use to enter tournaments or climb in the PvP rankings.

The letters are made up of several components as an attack value, your health points, and how many turns are needed for the card to come into play. Players will have to design decks of 7 cards, and plan strategies when they leave the battlefield, combine and get devastating effects; battles are automatic, so the key to victory is to have a good strategy and some luck. The five elements or features of the game are as follows;

1. Mountains
2. Forests
3. Plains
4. Swamp
5. Darkness

In order to create your squad, you will have to pick a squad leader of one of these items and assign the element cards to share with him.

With each passing round, the cards will automatically enter the battlefield, which is divided into two horizontal rows with 7 spaces. The cards are placed from left to right, and when two cards are one in front of the other, they fight each other or use the special skills they possess. When a card destroys your opponent, in the next turn you can attack, just as the opponent hero directs that if a letter has no opponent in front to come into play. When attacking a hero, leadership is reduced, and if this value is reduced to 0, the game is lost. The games will also be won by eliminating opponent's all creatures.

One of the key elements is that players are not restricted to create squads of a single element, and in some situations may attack multiple squads simultaneously, particularly in PvE campaigns and missions, where they often take on two or more squadrons at a time. Players will have to combine different elements for squads, ensuring that the strengths of some squads fill gaps in other squads. By winning battles, players earn experience, and the level is up and they can unlock new gameplay options, Imperials and game currency, you can get both by playing and paying. Players can use the Imperials to buy packs with random cards predefined packages, and all sorts of fantastic upgrades.